Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I fell off the band wagon a couple of days in between last week  :( the reason for this was more to do with 'life getting in the way' of things that are also equally important to me than just 'being a mommy of twins' if you know what I am saying. But on an honest note I did realize that comittment to exercising everyday is going to take a whole lot of planning,time management and prioritizing, plus not to mention the guilt -the guilt that I would be taking care of me for a whole 30 minutes instead of attending to my twinfants.

Anyways enough of my rant, so as mentioned earlier I will be trying to apply whatever I know to this new changed weight loss,my goal is to become the same weight as I was 11 years ago when I got married. I weight around 132 pounds then thats about 81 pounds lighter than I am today. Sounds quiet overwhelming,and thats why I am going to focus 1 pound at a time, that way I have to think of just this 1 pound and how I will loose it.

I have been unwell this past few days,and so is my 2 month old daughter and that makes it hard.I have a cold and I have no idea how to go running in with a running nose -haha that sounds funny!  But realistically speaking this is an excuse.


I have also decided I will be writing down even the smallest of my successes down,no matter how small they are. I feel a lot of times we get into the 'What I could do better' and forget focusing on 'What I HAVE DONE GOOD'

Thats coming up soon as soon as I firgure out how to make another tab on this Blogspot.

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