Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Setting Goals

So the reason to create this Blog as the name suggests is to see myself FAT FREE!!!
Last year I managed to loose 30 lbs, by exercising,eating healthy, then I got pregnant and turned out I was not just pregnant but pregnant with TWINS and that really changes the dynamics of how much weight you really are expected to gain.My starting weight in the pregnancy was 174 lbs I went to 236 lbs when I delivered and 2 weeks after the twins were born it hit 213 lbs.

The doctor said it would come down on its own,but I know for a fact with my genes it does not come 'down on its own' so here I am stuck at 213 lbs and wanted so bad to be at 174 lbs..Hence this blog...I want to make a log of what I eat and how much I eat plus the exercise so there is an accountability.

My goal is to loose 2 lbs per week.I think that is pretty realistic goal if I eat reasonably healthy and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Ideally I would want to be able to exercise much more than this (which I have in the past... when I lost 30 lbs I used to exercise twice a day sometimes thrice once during lunch hour at work too) but now as the post title suggests I want to keep my goals realistic and with my twins just being 2 months old,and whole fun stuff of non stop feeding,burping etc etc finding 30 minutes for myself is also a challenge,but I think that it is realistic.

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