Friday, May 25, 2012

I think I found my motivation!

I know I have slacked a lot ... lately by not blogging and not talking anything at all I don't have any excuse for that.

Well here's a story--So for the past 2 years I have been contemplating having a nose piercing done,and had a fake one for a while,(yes go on-have a good laugh on me) as I was too afraid to get a real one done! Anyhow I  did get a real one done with my daughters ears piercing, and guess what I was the proudest person ever to have had it done. The only mistake is that I have it done from the Salon, not a professional place.And yesterday while blowing my nose real hard it fell off (and it has already fallen off 3 times before) after 30 minutes of trying to put it back in -You might think whats this got to do with my motivation-well read on -it does! I finally gave up.Although I feel very sad about it I am taking up a sort of a challenge here.

I have decided that my weight loss goal is non existent and the efforts are minimal for more reasons than I can think of and come up with. So I am challenging myself -I really badly want to get my nose pierced AGAIN (this time from a professional piercer) I will get my nose pierced this time ONLY IF I LOOSE 20 POUNDS IN THE NEXT 12 WEEKS

So I am going to be blogging a whole lot of the food choices I make and the exercise regime that I follow, to be accountable.

The Weekend is the culprit here

So I know I have been gone forever now! But I haven't stopped exercising and "DIETING" and I say this in caps lock as that is exactly what I have been doing trying to diet and loose a pound here and a pound there and then gained it all back over the weekend !!

The weekend has been a culprit here,as I have gained the lost pound and then some more, and that's when I have come to realize that the reason for this is that I don't do anything that I do during the week,over the weekend like exercise and I eat more than usually-actually much much more than usual.

Well this has become a cycle that I have decided to get out of and today is the start of the weekend,and I have decided that tomorrow I will exercise at least for half an hour if not more.