Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting 2013 with a Diet Bet-Are you in?

Starting my 2013 with a Diet bet . I've been looking for some motivation and I think I found it with this Bet.

So you place a bet of $20 and get in the game and whoever shed atleast 4% of their Body Weight gets the money divided between themselves.

I have been looking for someone to motivate me or a Diet Buddy, my hubby darling is no good in this aspect.As he is not into dieting and everything although he does support me in my attempt. Anyhow so this is a good motivation for me and the best part is that this is completely online which means I don't have to feel embarrassed about people finding out I am on some kind of "Diet" / "Weight-Loss" missions AGAIN!
So this Bet is for 4 weeks, Weigh-In's to be every Wednesday.

I got my ass moving today and went to the gym. I was in two minds if I should or shouldn't go-you know I have this 'other voice' which keeps telling me to just skip going to the gym or not exercise etc-Well today I decided to talk back to this voice and asked it to SHUT UP!!It worked, I went to the gym did a good 30 minutes on the Treadmill, would have been okay to do more,but I had other stuff to do at home, so had to come back , anyways I think something is better than nothing right?

Here's the link if anyone wants to join the DietBet

The weights down again!

So today my weight is showing 194.6 lbs after being at 197 , 196. something for a while. All that I did different yesterday is drank a lot of water and tracked everything I ate.

This just goes to show that tracking does help and makes a whole lot of difference in the way I eat,it will work for me, it has to -I need this to work for me for the sake of myself and my family.

I want to live a long and healthy life,I want to be able to see my grand kids-and although my kids are so little right now,I know they would want me to be there for them,in a healthy way.

So I am going to rock 2013!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Been Slacking AGAIN!

I have been slacking again with my exercise and eating, and it really sucks big time as I have been reading so many different Articles on how it should not be a Eating Marathon and should instead be just 1 day.

To top it all We do not even celebrate Christmas as we are not Christians. But for some reason I feel since I am working so very hard with the twins and non stop demands from the house chores which I HATE in Capital letters, I am entitled to a BREAK and that I should not have to work so hard to loose weight.

I've heard so many times while growing up, 'Oh so and so lost so much of weight dues to hardships in her life' for me somehow HARDSHIPS personified but my weight does not budge! ITS SO NOT FAIR

This is not how it should have been ,I am still the same prior THIN GIRL who could eat a healthy meal and still stay thin (My brain somehow has an amnesia on the part where I used to exercise for 2 hours everyday)

In 2010 I really took to running and did a 5k and had visibly lost a tonne of weight 35 lbs to be precise

I want /NEED to get back to that place starting tomorrow morning

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thinking of Exercise does not make me loose weight

It has been crazy 3 days -With Chritmas Eve being the day my Kitchen sink decide to clog.Especially when I wanted to finish all my chores and get stuff done before the stores closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

So because Hubby darling was working (though it was from home) I had to run to the store while the twins were napping to get a Drano kind of thing to get the sink working and to get on with my chores.Then the internet decided it was a good day to act up on us.So it did UGG!

Anyhow long story short, I did not exercise on Christmas Eve and Christmas day + I ate like it was my last supper yesterday and the day before. I get into this mood of one day having an exercise high and then the next day I feel since I exercised so hard yesterday I am entitled to eat what I want today sorta thing . Which in my brain I know is WRONG.

I have to be more consistent with putting it into action.Anyways back on track today.Yesterday we celebrated Christmas for our Kids sake-In the sense we are not Chirstian's you see,however since everyone in North America celebrate it,and kids discuss about gifts and stuff unfortunately in school. We decided for our older sons sake we will celebrate it. Hence we did for our oldest one and now have made it a tradition.

Another good news that I got yesterday was that my younger sister had a baby-Yes right on Christmas day! Her first baby and since she is my baby sister,and I became a Mum before becoming an Aunty its so special to me! I am so happy. My sister lives on the East Coast in North America and I live on the Pacific coast.So I am planning to go visit her sometime next month.

But for now I am getting back on tract today.As thinking of exercise is not gonna make me thin .

Sunday, December 23, 2012

And I live OBESE ever After-NOT

Long ago in mid and late 90's and early 2000 I was a thin Girl . I was a fitness Instructor and used to exercise 2 hours a day on an average 6 days a week. Although at that time the reason was the part time job would fetch me a decent amount of money and would let me exercise for free.

Obesity was something I was surrounded by since I was born,sadly my Mum was always overweight / obese although I was not sure what her BMI was when I was growing up,it definately wasn't in the normal range. She was and still is a very very active person in terms of swiftness and the amount of house chores etc that she does,which are way way way more back in India than here,but that's besides the point.My aunts ( My mums sisters ) were all pretty Big.I was a chubby kid too when I was growing up and then suddenly the moment came when I was given an offer to join as a Fitness Instructor in the gym that I used to go for exercise, the only clause was that I need to loose weight.I took up that offer pretty seriously and indeed did loose a whole amount of weight. All thanks to my mum who would cook the 'diet' food for me.

When I got married, I was 140 lbs. I think I was at my best body at that time.Then I moved to Dubai where food is so rich in oil./butter and lack of activity creeped in. After being active for about a decade with 2 hours of exercise everyday,I was left with no 'Fitness class' commitment.Which in turn made me gan a tonne of weight-I gained 57 pounds in a matter of 6-8 months after marraige.I am still struggling with it till date.

In both my pregnancies I gained weight however surprisingly also lost and went back to being around the 200 lbs weight range. Its almost like my body has taken that to be a set point and though I feel fine, my knees have started to hurt nowadays and I getting winded if I climb a flight of stairs.

I had decided that this time is going to be different.This time I am going to use my willpower more than my craving for food would. I don't want my story to end like-'Oh she got married,had kids,gained weight, and died of a heart attack/ of diabetes' I want my story to be having a healthy future and an active one to that.

Here's a collage of me over the years although the right most says 2007 it should read 2001 :)  Its a good eye opener when I see the the photos like this to get a fair idea, how much I have let myself go. My goal here is to go back to the way I was in 2001. I know its not going to be easy, but that does not mean it isn't possible.

Day 2 of 30 days Shred

I started with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred on Thursday and had all the intentions of continuing on Friday,however I over napped and then it was time for the twins to come back from the Daycare,so I could not exercise on Friday

Saturday I had planned to exercise first thing in the morning,but again the twins woke up way too early than usual, as if to wreck my plan, hence again I could not,

Today however was different, today the baby boy did wake up at 5:30 however after milk/change did manage to fall back to sleep,I for one could not and seized the opportunity and exercised HALELUYAH!!

I am so proud of myself right now, I think its the cardio endorphins kicking me :)

You can make out by the smile on my face

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Foto exercise

I thought it would be nice to add a few of my fotos here. I have been far too conscious about my fotos being taken (Cos I know I look terribly obese and I have been a THIN GODDESS and HOT  at some point in my life)

So this is a exercise for me 

This one is at my largest and although I am 9 months pregnant with my TWINS it still shows how big I could get and a reminder that I don't want to be at that point EVER I weighed a whooping 236 lbs when they were born and I did loose a good 36 lbs in 6 months by Breast feeding my Twins .

The Next one is 6 months after the twins birth I weigh about 200 lbs in this one

I am going to take more pictures consistantly now on so I would know the difference myself.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre New Years Resolution

I have been thinking for a while now,and only found enough motivation today to finally get it into action.
I want to make a pre New years resolution,well I kow lots of people make New Years resolution and usually,well most often than not break the resolution until we are in February.
So I want to make a Pre New Years Resolution and here it is

  1. Lose atleast 50 lbs by November of next year (it's my twins Birthday in November,hence November)
  2. Workout atleast once a day
  3. Brush my teeth before I go to bed -Its hard for me to keep this habit as I am so dead tired by bedtime and skip this part most often.
  4. Get the family on board of 'being active' bandwagon
  5. Eat no sugar ( I have realised,I have a sweet tooth.) and if I need to loose some (READ A L:OT) weight then I need to give up on Sweet desserts after every dinner. Its not so much after lunch as I am usually busy and have a lot to do during the day,but in the nights when the kids are all in bed,thats when I get a craving for some sweet treats and that needs to STOP
  6. Eat less Chips