Sunday, December 23, 2012

And I live OBESE ever After-NOT

Long ago in mid and late 90's and early 2000 I was a thin Girl . I was a fitness Instructor and used to exercise 2 hours a day on an average 6 days a week. Although at that time the reason was the part time job would fetch me a decent amount of money and would let me exercise for free.

Obesity was something I was surrounded by since I was born,sadly my Mum was always overweight / obese although I was not sure what her BMI was when I was growing up,it definately wasn't in the normal range. She was and still is a very very active person in terms of swiftness and the amount of house chores etc that she does,which are way way way more back in India than here,but that's besides the point.My aunts ( My mums sisters ) were all pretty Big.I was a chubby kid too when I was growing up and then suddenly the moment came when I was given an offer to join as a Fitness Instructor in the gym that I used to go for exercise, the only clause was that I need to loose weight.I took up that offer pretty seriously and indeed did loose a whole amount of weight. All thanks to my mum who would cook the 'diet' food for me.

When I got married, I was 140 lbs. I think I was at my best body at that time.Then I moved to Dubai where food is so rich in oil./butter and lack of activity creeped in. After being active for about a decade with 2 hours of exercise everyday,I was left with no 'Fitness class' commitment.Which in turn made me gan a tonne of weight-I gained 57 pounds in a matter of 6-8 months after marraige.I am still struggling with it till date.

In both my pregnancies I gained weight however surprisingly also lost and went back to being around the 200 lbs weight range. Its almost like my body has taken that to be a set point and though I feel fine, my knees have started to hurt nowadays and I getting winded if I climb a flight of stairs.

I had decided that this time is going to be different.This time I am going to use my willpower more than my craving for food would. I don't want my story to end like-'Oh she got married,had kids,gained weight, and died of a heart attack/ of diabetes' I want my story to be having a healthy future and an active one to that.

Here's a collage of me over the years although the right most says 2007 it should read 2001 :)  Its a good eye opener when I see the the photos like this to get a fair idea, how much I have let myself go. My goal here is to go back to the way I was in 2001. I know its not going to be easy, but that does not mean it isn't possible.

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