Sunday, December 30, 2012

Been Slacking AGAIN!

I have been slacking again with my exercise and eating, and it really sucks big time as I have been reading so many different Articles on how it should not be a Eating Marathon and should instead be just 1 day.

To top it all We do not even celebrate Christmas as we are not Christians. But for some reason I feel since I am working so very hard with the twins and non stop demands from the house chores which I HATE in Capital letters, I am entitled to a BREAK and that I should not have to work so hard to loose weight.

I've heard so many times while growing up, 'Oh so and so lost so much of weight dues to hardships in her life' for me somehow HARDSHIPS personified but my weight does not budge! ITS SO NOT FAIR

This is not how it should have been ,I am still the same prior THIN GIRL who could eat a healthy meal and still stay thin (My brain somehow has an amnesia on the part where I used to exercise for 2 hours everyday)

In 2010 I really took to running and did a 5k and had visibly lost a tonne of weight 35 lbs to be precise

I want /NEED to get back to that place starting tomorrow morning

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