Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre New Years Resolution

I have been thinking for a while now,and only found enough motivation today to finally get it into action.
I want to make a pre New years resolution,well I kow lots of people make New Years resolution and usually,well most often than not break the resolution until we are in February.
So I want to make a Pre New Years Resolution and here it is

  1. Lose atleast 50 lbs by November of next year (it's my twins Birthday in November,hence November)
  2. Workout atleast once a day
  3. Brush my teeth before I go to bed -Its hard for me to keep this habit as I am so dead tired by bedtime and skip this part most often.
  4. Get the family on board of 'being active' bandwagon
  5. Eat no sugar ( I have realised,I have a sweet tooth.) and if I need to loose some (READ A L:OT) weight then I need to give up on Sweet desserts after every dinner. Its not so much after lunch as I am usually busy and have a lot to do during the day,but in the nights when the kids are all in bed,thats when I get a craving for some sweet treats and that needs to STOP
  6. Eat less Chips 

1 comment:

  1. You can do it!! Small steps towards bigger goals have always worked best for me. Good luck to you!