Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting 2013 with a Diet Bet-Are you in?

Starting my 2013 with a Diet bet . I've been looking for some motivation and I think I found it with this Bet.

So you place a bet of $20 and get in the game and whoever shed atleast 4% of their Body Weight gets the money divided between themselves.

I have been looking for someone to motivate me or a Diet Buddy, my hubby darling is no good in this aspect.As he is not into dieting and everything although he does support me in my attempt. Anyhow so this is a good motivation for me and the best part is that this is completely online which means I don't have to feel embarrassed about people finding out I am on some kind of "Diet" / "Weight-Loss" missions AGAIN!
So this Bet is for 4 weeks, Weigh-In's to be every Wednesday.

I got my ass moving today and went to the gym. I was in two minds if I should or shouldn't go-you know I have this 'other voice' which keeps telling me to just skip going to the gym or not exercise etc-Well today I decided to talk back to this voice and asked it to SHUT UP!!It worked, I went to the gym did a good 30 minutes on the Treadmill, would have been okay to do more,but I had other stuff to do at home, so had to come back , anyways I think something is better than nothing right?

Here's the link if anyone wants to join the DietBet

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