Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thinking of Exercise does not make me loose weight

It has been crazy 3 days -With Chritmas Eve being the day my Kitchen sink decide to clog.Especially when I wanted to finish all my chores and get stuff done before the stores closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

So because Hubby darling was working (though it was from home) I had to run to the store while the twins were napping to get a Drano kind of thing to get the sink working and to get on with my chores.Then the internet decided it was a good day to act up on us.So it did UGG!

Anyhow long story short, I did not exercise on Christmas Eve and Christmas day + I ate like it was my last supper yesterday and the day before. I get into this mood of one day having an exercise high and then the next day I feel since I exercised so hard yesterday I am entitled to eat what I want today sorta thing . Which in my brain I know is WRONG.

I have to be more consistent with putting it into action.Anyways back on track today.Yesterday we celebrated Christmas for our Kids sake-In the sense we are not Chirstian's you see,however since everyone in North America celebrate it,and kids discuss about gifts and stuff unfortunately in school. We decided for our older sons sake we will celebrate it. Hence we did for our oldest one and now have made it a tradition.

Another good news that I got yesterday was that my younger sister had a baby-Yes right on Christmas day! Her first baby and since she is my baby sister,and I became a Mum before becoming an Aunty its so special to me! I am so happy. My sister lives on the East Coast in North America and I live on the Pacific coast.So I am planning to go visit her sometime next month.

But for now I am getting back on tract today.As thinking of exercise is not gonna make me thin .

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