Monday, January 28, 2013

The Sunday Run and my workout DVD purchase

First of all Thanks to all the new visitors and people who take the time to comment on my Blog! It means a lot to me! It really does keep me motivated and accountable! So I hope you guys keep coming back and keep motivating me! Thanks Again :)

The weekend was half successful I would say in exercising!

Saturday I got zero exercise done-Well if thinking of exercise counts then I may have exercised lol! Sunday I said enough is enough I need to get my butt moving and went for a run!

You can see how happy I was to get that run out of the way! (I look funny as per my hubby, can't help it-it was a  (minus)-1 degree Celsius and drizzling yesterday!

 I ran a total of 1.71 Miles-- so not much, but its better than nothing Right! 

And I am just realizing this when I am uploading this foto that my Cheeks have become so chubby! Eww I don't like that! I need to do something about that.

Oh! and I tried to get the (STUPID) Heart Rate Monitor to work and here's the reading of yesterday's run

YAY! it said I burnt about 171 Calories in total! I am happy with that.

The one thing I would want to change about weekends is that I eat mindlessly most of the time-not rubbish but just stuff that I won't eat other days for e.g-Rice and Dal (Lentils) -I don't eat that on a weekday! I would want to change that in the coming week. Let's see how it goes the coming week.

I also got 'Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30' and 'Jillian Michael's Kickbox Fast fix'. I already have 'Jillian Michael's No More trouble Zone-' and although I have tried this workout many times BT (Before Twins)  my thing with this is that NOW I won't always get the luxury to have a 60 minute workout break! I have done a quick version of this where in I do just the first 4 sets and leave the floor exercise! But I need the Abs fix too!

But I do like the fact that  in 'Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30' and 'Jillian Michael's Kickbox Fast fix ' I don't leave anything just cus I don't have enough time, cause believe me people, when I say I really cant spare 60 minutes at a stretch. I can break it into 30 minutes in the morning and may be try and squeeze a run at lunch time !

As per a great suggestion I am making a Workout Schedule that I am going to follow going forward!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been having a lot of self doubts about myself! About how I have let myself get to this point where I have more weight to loose than I can ever imagine, and how it isn't coming off as fast as I want it to!

Well so I thought it would help me put thinks in perspective here, I lost weight a year and a half ago,by working out twice a day (yes twice -! Jillian Michael's in the morning and a run in the afternoon!!) then I had a hard TWIN pregnancy with a very hard after birth -The jist of this is my mum was supposed to come here to Canada to help after delivery but she couldn't due to mediccal reasons! So my hubby darling and me were the only people taking care of my (suddenly) three kids out of which TWO were newborns.

Fast forward to now-a full time job with a hectic schedule where I leave at 6 am and get back at 5 pm, Drop kids to daycare/school. 1 year old toddler,8 year old school going kid,home work ,cooking, cleaning, laundry,grocery shopping etc etc with no 'help' or luxury for a 'BREAK' from house chores or kids or work for that matter,I still manage to even 'THINK' of exercise and 'loosing weight' and try and fit it into this lifestyle itself is a victory for me! Yes you will say what's new everyone does that but here in the West we do not have the 'luxury' of another superwoman in our life by the name 'MAID/ Kamwala bai'. Back in Dubai when my older was the age of my twins I had a FULL-TIME maid who would live with me and go home only on the weekend-I didn't have to do so much as pick a spoon up if it was fallen-seriously!

So I need to STOP beating myself up so much about missing a couple days of exercise or slipping up once in a while-if majority of the times I am on track I think that, that in itself is a VICTORY!

Hence I think I am no less than a SUPERWOMAN-Okay off to my workout now!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Run or NOT to Run is the question?

So there is a famous 10K run coming up in the month of April here in Vancouver,which I have been wanting to do since 2011-Well the story goes like this back in October 2010 I had just started running and that is how I lost a whole lot (read 30 lbs) of weight and I did a 5 K in Mar of 2011. So far so good right?  That 5 K was my warm up run for the following 10K which was supposed to be in April of 2011. Well it so happened that I had already conceived my twins and only found out after the 5K about that and the doctor had 'recommended' not to 'run' the 10K he said if you want you can 'WALK' it!

Well I didn't-and at that time I wasn't even aware that I was carrying twins,so I had convinced the doctor that after the initial 12 weeks period I would want to run and he had agreed. Well due to other 'twin pregnancy related issues' I was asked to restrict my movements to a bare 'necessary' leave alone exercising!

Anyhow s fast forward now-With a full time job for which I need to leave home at 6 am get back home at about 5 pm with twins bath time/food/cooking/older sons home work-By the time they sleep its about 7.30 pm, and Vancouver is a place where it rains more than you can ever imagine so then  the question is-When do I find time to 'commit to training for this Run' ? Would running on a treadmill equate to running outside? Last I had trained it was all outside and it was Winter/Spring but I would go during my lunch break nowadays its challenging to do that.

Hubby darling suggested that I first get into the grove of running at least on the treadmill regularly which I agree, and then he suggests I do a fun 5K events which start from St Patrick's day which is in March.

Although I so badly want to get into the running grove. I can't wait for the time to go back to Daylight savings time when it is daylight outside.

Any suggestions anyone?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is there a Exercise PILL I can take?

Really! There should be a exercise 'PILL" that one can take when you just can't seem to get exercise in your day or when you're feeling BLAH or slacking a bit!

 I haven't exercised in like 3 days -Well Sunday was my Birthday so who exercises on their Birthday ?!Well I did think of going for a run,but couldn't get my ass off the Couch. Monday that is yesterday the twins were down with Conjunctivitis/ Pink eye infection and me and hubby darling are home together taking care of them both.

I am hopeful of today.I may try and sneak in a workout today, I really need to!

The Diet Bet contest that I was in which I spoke here about has become a joke for me really it has,I should have known better !! We have our Anniversary and my Birthday both in January,so it is hard to be on track. Although in my mind I know these are just two days, but still there usually is a tonne of food leftover,and the temptation never dies. In my mind I know its okay to eat all that in small portions, but its hard to get that into action.

More reason for demotivation is the STUPID heart rate monitor which said 40 calories and my brain is stuck there. The 'BITCH' in the head say 'Well why bother exercise if you are going to burn JUST 40 calories' well I am going to talk back to the 'BITCH' again today .

More later.and by the way if anyone does find a EXERCISE PILL please send it my way too coz I sure as hell need it.

(image courtesy Google)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Day Shred and some FRUSTRATION! and some RAMBLING :(

So in the last 30 days I have been loosing and gaining the same 2-4 lbs over and over again! I don't really know what the deal is here,I loose some and then I gain it right after !!!!

I am soo sick of being in the 190's now I wanna so badly get into the 180's and before May wanna hit 170's my Goal is to be my pre pregnancy weight which was 174 lbs by May 2013 which would 18 months from when I gave birth to my twins! In my twin pregnancy I gained a total of 63 lbs I know ... I know that is a lot,but you know what in a healthy,normal,singleton pregnancy you are supposed to gain about 40 lbs. In my case the doc wanted me to gain at least 50 lbs if not more to have a higher chances of the twins being out of the NICU which is what I aimed and I gained 63 lbs. I don't regret it once-I really don't!  I was literally as big as a HOUSE!!!-Carrying two human beings inside of you to term (which is  from 35 weeks to 38 weeks in Twin pregnancy as women rarely go till 40 weeks) is not a joke. I went till 38 weeks exact.

My babies were born -one at  37 Weeks and 6 days and the other at 38 weeks (Yes they have two different Birthdays! Isn't that cool-My girl did not want to come until it was past midnight, and yes it is possible to have a vaginal/normal delivery for twins-I had both of them vaginally-Thank God as I know some women who had one vaginally and the other twin via a C-section and that would suck)

Anyhow back to Weight loss----

-I bought this new Heart Rate Monitor which is supposedly also suppose to count your Calories burnt . I wore that and did my 30 Days Shred to find out how many calories I actually do burn after 25 minutes of near death work out. Guess What... I burnt 41 calories after dying every minute of that workout-So its either that my body burns way too less calories and I have seriously something wrong with myself OR I don't really know how to get this working..for the benefit of my sanity I am going with the later -Cause I am so frustrated with myself as it is and now I am beating myself up in the head for not burning even 50 calories when my arms and triceps are sore from the workout. There doesn't seem to be any logic with this really.

I want to be able to buy a FIT BIT-but that is my reward to myself after getting to the pre preganancy weight! So until then I have to live with this one!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mixed Beans and Pulses Soup = Satisfaction Gauranteed

So Here's the recipe for the Mixed Beans and pulses soup Recipe

I get this mix from the Bulk buy section of the Grocery store

You can add any Vegetable you would like, I usually add Frozen ones just coz I am a lazy ass and don't want to do all the cutting of the fresh ones

Here's what I added

and I also added a little bit of this

Then I added this

You can add Ginger Garlic minced if you like the flavour or leave it if you don't want it very pungent,I usually add it as it is very healthy and good to eat ginger garlic everyday.

I also add some curry powder/sambhar spice/turmeric/garam masala and salt.

I usually Pressure Cooker this but you can also put it in the Slow cooker and it will be done by the evening if you put it in the morning.

Here's how my end product looked like

I usually make a whole batch for the week ready and keep in the refrigerator so I don't have to think of what to have for Lunch everyday.

Yumminess in every spoonful!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Changing the Diet Plan (UNWILLINGLY)

So I am going to try and change my diet plan a little bit here,last time I had lost about 30 pounds was all due to this diet that I followed,which was basically Protein rich filled with Vitamins and good Carbohydrates.

I was on a Soup diet, a home made protein rich Soup. So basically what I did was kept my exercise to the way it has been 30 minutes in the morning and then Cadio in the afternoon or evening for about 30-45 minuites.But I would also drink this Soup for lunch and have a protein rich salad.

So here are the ingredients of the Soup I am going to try to have for the coming week and hope that the scale does go down.If I was leaner I really would not worry about how much I weighed,but I know my BMI is in the OBESE range and although I have started exercising and the weight loss is been a challenge in the past month or so, I thought instead of being so stubborn about not trying to go on this Soup Diet, I should give it a try again atleast to JUMPSTART my weight loss. And Especially now that I am participating in the Diet Bet which is still going on and people are loosing so much weight on that.

This morning I weighed about 1.4 lbs less than yesterday morning,and yesterday I actually allowed myself to eat a good amount of food about 1510 calories to be precise. So I have a Eureka moment and that is that I am probably comsuming way too less calories with very very very little source or Protein.My goal is to have 50 gms of Protein and I am currently having about 20 gms, So I am going on this Soup diet which will add the protein source to my diet, and since I will drink it for lunch and may be have a Quinoa salad for Dinner, I am also going to incorporate some nuts in my diet may be just a half handful and may be an Egg but I am not too fond of Egg, I am going to try and make it as tasty as possible.

Today I made a Spicy French Toast

I am making another Post for the Soup Recipe,so if you would like to know the recipe please look out for my next post.

That's it for now!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

War against GRAVITY!

Past 4 days I have been really sincerely been exercise well, eating about 1400-1600 Calories so I am at a loss of why my body wouldn't want to shed the weight.

I am not sure! I really am not ,yesterday in fact I exercised about 2 hours in the gym 1 of that hour was on Elliptical and Cycle combined, and the rest was on the Circuits UGGH this is really so frustrating! I know in my mind I should not give up hope, that it takes longer than usual at times,but not with my body,my body does respond sooner than usual as it is used to exercise.

This is what I Hit on the Elliptical a BIG number

Here's me after the Cardio

But now it is a full on WAR to loose the weight,and I am not the kind atleast at this stage (read age) to go on any kind of a 'FAD/LIQUID/DRASTIC' kind of Diet. I am focusing more on setting examples for my kids to eat healthy.

I have realized that my relationship with food has been a bit of a 'Love/Hate' kinds.I love food and it hates me LOL :)

So I have decided to incorporate some healthy eating habits, on Sunday I was eating a salad, and I noticed my twin boy come and ask for some from my plate and I gave it to him, while that was a new taste for him, I realized how important it was for me to eat the right kind of food for their sake!

Friday, January 4, 2013

I've Learned to Talk back to that BITCH !

Today was a supposed to be a LAZY day as per the BITCH--you know the one who keeps talking to me inside my head,the one who says I can't do something, the one who tells me I can hit that SNOOZE button on my Alarm and sleep a little longer. I listened to that BITCH this morning and did not work out.

Well apparentely according to this BITCH I could workout during my lunch break today,as I was working from home today. I listened to her.I slept in got up late. The story is good till here,

But when it was time for my lunch time the BITCH says-'Oh well ! you're so tired! Its been such a busy morning! May be don't exercise! Take a "REAL" break' Well you know what I talked back to this BITCH in my head and asked her to 'Shut the F%$@# off' and WOHOO!!! I actually did get my 30 Day Shred in during my lunch hour!

I am so proud of myself

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Diet Bet update

So today is actually Day 2 of the Diet Bet that I was talking about in Here . I for one started working out as I had promised myself from 1st January neverthless.

My routine consists of 30 Day Shred Level 1 in the morning and going to the gym in the evening. In the gym I alternate between a 10K run training on the Treadmill which is usually a 30 walk/run combination,and the alternate day it is 30 on the Eliptical.

So far from the 1st I have been tracking every bite that is going in my mouth on MyfitnessPal which is where I track my Food diary. I am also weigh myself, what is puzzling to me is that I show a gain in my weight , and at this point I am really not sure what I am doing wrong! I am trying not to think and worry about it too much and hoping its just my body's way to adjust to the new way of life.

One more new thing that I did from the New Years is that the first day I went to the gym and then came home and had dinner ,which was okay but I thought since I had read it somewhere that eating late dinners would also make a difference so I ate my dinner at 5.30-6.00 last night and then went to the the Gym at 7.30  , the bad part of this however is that once I was done I felt so hungry so I caved in and ate a half bowl of Kadhi! and 2 Crackers.

I am not sure why I am not loosing weight,usually my body does cooperate,I am going to keep trying and not QUIT.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How much water should you actually drink? DEBATE

So I was researching on why some bloggers I read drink a tonne of water 100 oz and above and if in reality one does need to drink that much water.

As per Ayurveda-(I follow a lot of my food habits from Ayurveda as I am a vegetarian) you do not need to drink so much water, of course this is true to a lot of extent for Vegetarians as meat take about 36 hours for the body to process and Vegetarian diet take about 12 hours for the body to process.

So to come back to my Vegetarian diet No you do NOT NEED TO DRINK  A WHOLE LOT OF WATER

Here's the Article I was reading '8 glasses is a myth' which clearly states that let your thirst be the cue for you to drink water.

Another one that I read was How much water should you actually drink?

So I am going with my thirst cue, for water!