Friday, January 11, 2013

Changing the Diet Plan (UNWILLINGLY)

So I am going to try and change my diet plan a little bit here,last time I had lost about 30 pounds was all due to this diet that I followed,which was basically Protein rich filled with Vitamins and good Carbohydrates.

I was on a Soup diet, a home made protein rich Soup. So basically what I did was kept my exercise to the way it has been 30 minutes in the morning and then Cadio in the afternoon or evening for about 30-45 minuites.But I would also drink this Soup for lunch and have a protein rich salad.

So here are the ingredients of the Soup I am going to try to have for the coming week and hope that the scale does go down.If I was leaner I really would not worry about how much I weighed,but I know my BMI is in the OBESE range and although I have started exercising and the weight loss is been a challenge in the past month or so, I thought instead of being so stubborn about not trying to go on this Soup Diet, I should give it a try again atleast to JUMPSTART my weight loss. And Especially now that I am participating in the Diet Bet which is still going on and people are loosing so much weight on that.

This morning I weighed about 1.4 lbs less than yesterday morning,and yesterday I actually allowed myself to eat a good amount of food about 1510 calories to be precise. So I have a Eureka moment and that is that I am probably comsuming way too less calories with very very very little source or Protein.My goal is to have 50 gms of Protein and I am currently having about 20 gms, So I am going on this Soup diet which will add the protein source to my diet, and since I will drink it for lunch and may be have a Quinoa salad for Dinner, I am also going to incorporate some nuts in my diet may be just a half handful and may be an Egg but I am not too fond of Egg, I am going to try and make it as tasty as possible.

Today I made a Spicy French Toast

I am making another Post for the Soup Recipe,so if you would like to know the recipe please look out for my next post.

That's it for now!

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