Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How much water should you actually drink? DEBATE

So I was researching on why some bloggers I read drink a tonne of water 100 oz and above and if in reality one does need to drink that much water.

As per Ayurveda-(I follow a lot of my food habits from Ayurveda as I am a vegetarian) you do not need to drink so much water, of course this is true to a lot of extent for Vegetarians as meat take about 36 hours for the body to process and Vegetarian diet take about 12 hours for the body to process.

So to come back to my Vegetarian diet No you do NOT NEED TO DRINK  A WHOLE LOT OF WATER

Here's the Article I was reading '8 glasses is a myth' which clearly states that let your thirst be the cue for you to drink water.

Another one that I read was How much water should you actually drink?

So I am going with my thirst cue, for water!

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