Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is there a Exercise PILL I can take?

Really! There should be a exercise 'PILL" that one can take when you just can't seem to get exercise in your day or when you're feeling BLAH or slacking a bit!

 I haven't exercised in like 3 days -Well Sunday was my Birthday so who exercises on their Birthday ?!Well I did think of going for a run,but couldn't get my ass off the Couch. Monday that is yesterday the twins were down with Conjunctivitis/ Pink eye infection and me and hubby darling are home together taking care of them both.

I am hopeful of today.I may try and sneak in a workout today, I really need to!

The Diet Bet contest that I was in which I spoke here about has become a joke for me really it has,I should have known better !! We have our Anniversary and my Birthday both in January,so it is hard to be on track. Although in my mind I know these are just two days, but still there usually is a tonne of food leftover,and the temptation never dies. In my mind I know its okay to eat all that in small portions, but its hard to get that into action.

More reason for demotivation is the STUPID heart rate monitor which said 40 calories and my brain is stuck there. The 'BITCH' in the head say 'Well why bother exercise if you are going to burn JUST 40 calories' well I am going to talk back to the 'BITCH' again today .

More later.and by the way if anyone does find a EXERCISE PILL please send it my way too coz I sure as hell need it.

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  1. I think I'm going to set some reminders on my phone that say...Did you work out yet? Just to keep reminding myself of what I NEED to be doing.

    Or I'm going to have to hire someone to come to my house and kick my butt.

  2. Connie--in my case the later would work better-a person to kick my butt! lol

  3. Sheetal. in my case it helped to chalk out a workout schedule and put it up on my blog. More gratifying are the days when I can score off a work out as done. Keep trying. Soon it will become a part of you to exercise!

  4. Ah! Thats a good idea Sugar! I am gonna try that starting the coming week, we'll see how that goes!