Friday, January 4, 2013

I've Learned to Talk back to that BITCH !

Today was a supposed to be a LAZY day as per the BITCH--you know the one who keeps talking to me inside my head,the one who says I can't do something, the one who tells me I can hit that SNOOZE button on my Alarm and sleep a little longer. I listened to that BITCH this morning and did not work out.

Well apparentely according to this BITCH I could workout during my lunch break today,as I was working from home today. I listened to her.I slept in got up late. The story is good till here,

But when it was time for my lunch time the BITCH says-'Oh well ! you're so tired! Its been such a busy morning! May be don't exercise! Take a "REAL" break' Well you know what I talked back to this BITCH in my head and asked her to 'Shut the F%$@# off' and WOHOO!!! I actually did get my 30 Day Shred in during my lunch hour!

I am so proud of myself

1 comment:

  1. Oh I hate that bitch!!

    She made me eat a donut yesterday.