Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mixed Beans and Pulses Soup = Satisfaction Gauranteed

So Here's the recipe for the Mixed Beans and pulses soup Recipe

I get this mix from the Bulk buy section of the Grocery store

You can add any Vegetable you would like, I usually add Frozen ones just coz I am a lazy ass and don't want to do all the cutting of the fresh ones

Here's what I added

and I also added a little bit of this

Then I added this

You can add Ginger Garlic minced if you like the flavour or leave it if you don't want it very pungent,I usually add it as it is very healthy and good to eat ginger garlic everyday.

I also add some curry powder/sambhar spice/turmeric/garam masala and salt.

I usually Pressure Cooker this but you can also put it in the Slow cooker and it will be done by the evening if you put it in the morning.

Here's how my end product looked like

I usually make a whole batch for the week ready and keep in the refrigerator so I don't have to think of what to have for Lunch everyday.

Yumminess in every spoonful!

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