Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have been having a lot of self doubts about myself! About how I have let myself get to this point where I have more weight to loose than I can ever imagine, and how it isn't coming off as fast as I want it to!

Well so I thought it would help me put thinks in perspective here, I lost weight a year and a half ago,by working out twice a day (yes twice -! Jillian Michael's in the morning and a run in the afternoon!!) then I had a hard TWIN pregnancy with a very hard after birth -The jist of this is my mum was supposed to come here to Canada to help after delivery but she couldn't due to mediccal reasons! So my hubby darling and me were the only people taking care of my (suddenly) three kids out of which TWO were newborns.

Fast forward to now-a full time job with a hectic schedule where I leave at 6 am and get back at 5 pm, Drop kids to daycare/school. 1 year old toddler,8 year old school going kid,home work ,cooking, cleaning, laundry,grocery shopping etc etc with no 'help' or luxury for a 'BREAK' from house chores or kids or work for that matter,I still manage to even 'THINK' of exercise and 'loosing weight' and try and fit it into this lifestyle itself is a victory for me! Yes you will say what's new everyone does that but here in the West we do not have the 'luxury' of another superwoman in our life by the name 'MAID/ Kamwala bai'. Back in Dubai when my older was the age of my twins I had a FULL-TIME maid who would live with me and go home only on the weekend-I didn't have to do so much as pick a spoon up if it was fallen-seriously!

So I need to STOP beating myself up so much about missing a couple days of exercise or slipping up once in a while-if majority of the times I am on track I think that, that in itself is a VICTORY!

Hence I think I am no less than a SUPERWOMAN-Okay off to my workout now!


  1. Wow! you truly are a superwomen. I am tired just handling one kid and you manage 3 along with a job and all. Really hats off!

  2. Thanks P! I think mostly all women are superwomen right!