Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Run or NOT to Run is the question?

So there is a famous 10K run coming up in the month of April here in Vancouver,which I have been wanting to do since 2011-Well the story goes like this back in October 2010 I had just started running and that is how I lost a whole lot (read 30 lbs) of weight and I did a 5 K in Mar of 2011. So far so good right?  That 5 K was my warm up run for the following 10K which was supposed to be in April of 2011. Well it so happened that I had already conceived my twins and only found out after the 5K about that and the doctor had 'recommended' not to 'run' the 10K he said if you want you can 'WALK' it!

Well I didn't-and at that time I wasn't even aware that I was carrying twins,so I had convinced the doctor that after the initial 12 weeks period I would want to run and he had agreed. Well due to other 'twin pregnancy related issues' I was asked to restrict my movements to a bare 'necessary' leave alone exercising!

Anyhow s fast forward now-With a full time job for which I need to leave home at 6 am get back home at about 5 pm with twins bath time/food/cooking/older sons home work-By the time they sleep its about 7.30 pm, and Vancouver is a place where it rains more than you can ever imagine so then  the question is-When do I find time to 'commit to training for this Run' ? Would running on a treadmill equate to running outside? Last I had trained it was all outside and it was Winter/Spring but I would go during my lunch break nowadays its challenging to do that.

Hubby darling suggested that I first get into the grove of running at least on the treadmill regularly which I agree, and then he suggests I do a fun 5K events which start from St Patrick's day which is in March.

Although I so badly want to get into the running grove. I can't wait for the time to go back to Daylight savings time when it is daylight outside.

Any suggestions anyone?

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  1. I would say that you should do the run if you physically fit and are able to run 3-4 kms easily!

    if not, dont pressurise yourself. Register, cut yourself some slack and permit yourself to walk. You know well that too much too fast will lead to injury, especially while running because that is a really high impact work out!