Tuesday, January 8, 2013

War against GRAVITY!

Past 4 days I have been really sincerely been exercise well, eating about 1400-1600 Calories so I am at a loss of why my body wouldn't want to shed the weight.

I am not sure! I really am not ,yesterday in fact I exercised about 2 hours in the gym 1 of that hour was on Elliptical and Cycle combined, and the rest was on the Circuits UGGH this is really so frustrating! I know in my mind I should not give up hope, that it takes longer than usual at times,but not with my body,my body does respond sooner than usual as it is used to exercise.

This is what I Hit on the Elliptical a BIG number

Here's me after the Cardio

But now it is a full on WAR to loose the weight,and I am not the kind atleast at this stage (read age) to go on any kind of a 'FAD/LIQUID/DRASTIC' kind of Diet. I am focusing more on setting examples for my kids to eat healthy.

I have realized that my relationship with food has been a bit of a 'Love/Hate' kinds.I love food and it hates me LOL :)

So I have decided to incorporate some healthy eating habits, on Sunday I was eating a salad, and I noticed my twin boy come and ask for some from my plate and I gave it to him, while that was a new taste for him, I realized how important it was for me to eat the right kind of food for their sake!


  1. take your measurements. Don't obsess over the weighing scale. I learnt my lesson thehard way!!!

  2. I know eh Sugar! I should, I am obsessed with the scale going down though! But I should take the measurements over the weekend.