Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running -Rain or Shine

So since I have now officially registered for the Sun Run it means that I need to pull up my socks and run **Rain or Shine**

I am following the Sun Run Guidelines for running and this week is Week 6 which means it is 5 minutes run 1 minute walk,well I did better than I thought I would do which is great! The last two were really sucky cause we were at a uphill and past 2:45 minutes I stopped till we reached a good point up the hill. While doing every set of running however I felt as if it was never going to run and my running buddy's were busy chit chatting with each other-(It was so easy for them)-Me on the other hand was focused on completing each 5 minute set,breathing, and trying to stay alive in the midst of all this! lol! But I am sure once I stick to this routine it will surely get better for me too.

My knee seemed to be okay then,surprisingly it did not bug me as I initially thought it would.

In the evening I did my 30 DS,however in the first set itself something clicked in my knee and it started hurting me! So I decided to stop the workout right away :( BOO! Anyhow I've noticed that my knee does hurt when I start to jump around, so instead of doing a workout where there is a jumping involved , I am trying to go back (although with a heavy heart) to Jillian Michael's No more Trouble Zone.

I say Heavy heart, as this workout is tough for me, and long too-but I do tend to cut it to 35 minutes,so that isn't a problem. Boy !! does it work the trouble zones. I thought it would be best to take a rest today and start back tomorrow, so I go for a run tomorrow and then the JM-NMTZ  (Jillian Michael's No more Trouble Zone.) from tomorrow evening.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I did it ! I did it!

I finally took the courage to register for the dreaded 10K running event ! BIG STEP I feel !

As I said earlier, I was supposed to see how it goes over the weekend and then decide-well the reason is I have a bad knee that has been bothering me for a while every time I jump around. So on Friday I was working from home,which means I get to be lazy in the sense that I can be on the computer and not worry about showering or getting into proper clothes and be in my Jammies the whole day. Well I had decided that I would be going for a run right after the kids go off to daycare and school with the hubby darling and before I start work. However it was pouring cats and dogs on Friday and so I decided that I will work till about 2 pm (which is when the 'Weather Network' was saying the rain would clear.) I wait till about 1:40 pm and then I went for a run! Wohoo!!

However Friday night my knee got stiff again and I was getting uncomfortable and worried that it will start bugging me again,so even though it was so sunny and beautiful on Saturday I decided to take a rest day for the knee. Anyhow I also realized that if I don't put a deadline to my running I will probably always have some thing else that I would find to do other than running,so last night I finally Registered for the 10K!!

Also that means I need to start prepping myself up --Well today was not so bad it was cloudy but dry (People who read this from other parts may /may not relate to how much the weather plays a vital role in running in Van(Rain) couver) so I did go for my run, the knee did hurt initially and then it went away,and so far it has been okay! So yay me!

Here starts the training!! Sun Run here I come :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just some randomness!

So just thought I'd share this for no reason in particular.

This is what we were busy doing last weekend-Making a play area for the twins, under the stairs

My girl loves to go and sit here, partly because the Green Blanket's her favorite ( her Gramma's) ! The two boys( the Big Bro plays with them too) will go where ever she is, and either play or Bug her !

While we were busy making the Tent and de-cluttering, this is what the twins were doing-sitting in there old bath tub and pretending as if it was a boat-I thought that was cute !!

Then again, my opinions are biased!

It's been raining since morning and it is 8.40 am, I had intended to run before breakfast but changed my plan since mother nature decided to water the plants outside!

I am going to go for a run before lunch Rain or Shine!

More Later

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Happening at my end!

Well--apart from the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to do the Jillian Michael's workout lately!

Usually, when I need to get the workout done in the evening, the weekend before- I keep everything organized. This weekend we have been busy de-clutterring and making a playroom tent under the Stairs for the twins, and hence could not organize the food-!!!

THE SIDE EFFECT- couldn't do any of my workouts since I need to cook in the evening, and then it gets too late :(

BUT on a POSITIVE note I have been going on my runs!!!! Well that is merely due to the fact that it is during the middle of the work day, and I have peer pressure! :) Which by the way, is good for running. And my peers are awesome to motivate me-they are mostly Marathon and Half marathon runners but don't mind slowing down their pace to accompany me! And one of them happens to be my Super BOSS (Boss's Boss-Oops!) But she is an awesome running buddy! Anyhow!

So we have a BIG 10K (We're talking about a 25,000 runners here) event around in April and the company that I work for -we actually make Activity related software and we HOST the registration website for this Running Event-so we get to register for this event for FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

So we have different groups formed around the workplace that are runners /wanna be runners / and walkers ! I have registered in the Group BUT not yet registered for the SUN RUN-I will see how the next two runs go and then will decide if I should or shouldn't register.

Frankly though 10K seems a HUGE goal to achieve--I'm gonna see how it goes over the weekend and then register!

Food wise-I have officially given up dieting as it wasn't working for me!! Focusing on making smart n healthy choices-Oh and I haven't weighed myself this week, Will see how it goes and will weigh myself on the weekend.

That's it for now

Saturday, February 16, 2013

~~A Blog~~ A Book and ~~ these Jeans

So I was reading another blog and the blogger had tagged this blog.

I so agree with this blogger, and I realized that I too have so few photos with my toddler twins, I really don't cause I feel I am too fat to be photographed with them. I think that it is so not fair on them, I didn't care that my mum was big, when I was a little girl, all I look at now, when I do look at those photographs is how pretty and young she was and how much old she's become now.So I have decided that I am going to take much more photos with my kids hence forth, whether I share them around with everyone or not, that is another story.

I have been reading this book my hubby darling got from the library by the name 'Get Real' by Dr Satya Brown, and I am enjoying it so much. In this book she talks about how being happy and healthy is not always a size zero approach. We have been taught by media and magazines, and Models around that we are supposed to be a certain size to be 'Happy' or 'Healthy' and that is so not true. Being healthy is not a 'One size, fits all' kind a approach. Yes loosing weight will help us if we have any medical conditions but there is far more than just diet and exercise, that goes in weight loss. The 'far more' that I am referring here is to 'genetics' That plays a BIG role in how much weight we will loose, how long we will keep it off, and what shape our body is/was/will be. She also gives a suggestions on how to not curb your hunger,which I think is a  saner approach to loosing weight.So that's that about the wonderful book. I haven't done reading yet, bit if you do get your hands on it, its definitely worth a read.

 B.T (before twins) I used to fit in a size 14 Jeans and then the twin pregnancy happened ! After their birth I tried wearing my favorite Black Jeans and I wasn't able to zip the Jeans! Then I thought to myself maybe it was too soon for my tummy to go in! I asked my doc who said that since I have had a twin pregnancy, with my tummy circumference (just the day before their birth was 62 inches  -singleton is about 40 inches ) I would need to do a 'tummy tuck' to get it really back in! Well obviously I didn't believe him. Anyways , long story short yesterday I tried it on again and to my surprise I was able to fit in! WOHOO! It still is a little tight BUT I was able to wear it, zip it, close the button, and sit in it the whole 9 hrs at work! That is is awesome!

That's it for now !Happy Weekend !


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ripped in 30 -Review

So I did manage to get in Ripped in 30 the week before I left for North Carolina.

Here's what I think of it -This could be a great workout if you want to follow it up after the 30 Day Shred. It is a total of 35 minutes with a usual Warm up and Gradual Cool down as are in all Jillian Michael's workout's

The things I loved about this work out was the fact that you can do it all level of fitness, however some moves were not my types at all

The thing I hated about this workout was-The Side plank where in you need to be able to lift yourself on one arm-I couldn't lift even a slight side (imagine how heavy my bottom is lol)I was hating and laughing myself at the same time

The thing which I found boring is that this has a lot of moves which are repetition from 30 Day shred-like the first set after warm up is exactly same as the Level 1 of 30 Day shred.

Jillian also recommends you follow the diet with it,which I obviously am NOT. As not a whole lot of food we would eat normally and in the Diet PDF there isn't a variation/ alternative to what would be an equivalent if one is a vegetarian, or has Lactose intolerance for that matter, which I think was not right especially if you are catering to such a mass audience.

There is this one part where she makes you use your back a whole lot-and I realized after the workout my back was pretty stiff-and I am not sure because of this if I would want to do this workout again ! I am sure,I didn't do this part correctly,but I don't want to take any chances especially if I am doing this with weights.

So  I although this is a great workout I think I am going to PASS this one.:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Was MIA in North Carolina

Hello people !

 I have been away and Missing in Action as I had gone to North Carolina to visit my sister. My younger sister had a Christmas baby, and I had gone to visit and see my newborn niece.

Well I couldn't exercise as much as I wanted to but I did manage to get in a run on Monday morning.

Here's our picture from that morning's run.

I am so lost this week as I went over the weekend and I went alone-without kids and hubby. So I am taking a break this week and coming back to the grind next week.

See you then.