Saturday, February 16, 2013

~~A Blog~~ A Book and ~~ these Jeans

So I was reading another blog and the blogger had tagged this blog.

I so agree with this blogger, and I realized that I too have so few photos with my toddler twins, I really don't cause I feel I am too fat to be photographed with them. I think that it is so not fair on them, I didn't care that my mum was big, when I was a little girl, all I look at now, when I do look at those photographs is how pretty and young she was and how much old she's become now.So I have decided that I am going to take much more photos with my kids hence forth, whether I share them around with everyone or not, that is another story.

I have been reading this book my hubby darling got from the library by the name 'Get Real' by Dr Satya Brown, and I am enjoying it so much. In this book she talks about how being happy and healthy is not always a size zero approach. We have been taught by media and magazines, and Models around that we are supposed to be a certain size to be 'Happy' or 'Healthy' and that is so not true. Being healthy is not a 'One size, fits all' kind a approach. Yes loosing weight will help us if we have any medical conditions but there is far more than just diet and exercise, that goes in weight loss. The 'far more' that I am referring here is to 'genetics' That plays a BIG role in how much weight we will loose, how long we will keep it off, and what shape our body is/was/will be. She also gives a suggestions on how to not curb your hunger,which I think is a  saner approach to loosing weight.So that's that about the wonderful book. I haven't done reading yet, bit if you do get your hands on it, its definitely worth a read.

 B.T (before twins) I used to fit in a size 14 Jeans and then the twin pregnancy happened ! After their birth I tried wearing my favorite Black Jeans and I wasn't able to zip the Jeans! Then I thought to myself maybe it was too soon for my tummy to go in! I asked my doc who said that since I have had a twin pregnancy, with my tummy circumference (just the day before their birth was 62 inches  -singleton is about 40 inches ) I would need to do a 'tummy tuck' to get it really back in! Well obviously I didn't believe him. Anyways , long story short yesterday I tried it on again and to my surprise I was able to fit in! WOHOO! It still is a little tight BUT I was able to wear it, zip it, close the button, and sit in it the whole 9 hrs at work! That is is awesome!

That's it for now !Happy Weekend !


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