Sunday, February 24, 2013

I did it ! I did it!

I finally took the courage to register for the dreaded 10K running event ! BIG STEP I feel !

As I said earlier, I was supposed to see how it goes over the weekend and then decide-well the reason is I have a bad knee that has been bothering me for a while every time I jump around. So on Friday I was working from home,which means I get to be lazy in the sense that I can be on the computer and not worry about showering or getting into proper clothes and be in my Jammies the whole day. Well I had decided that I would be going for a run right after the kids go off to daycare and school with the hubby darling and before I start work. However it was pouring cats and dogs on Friday and so I decided that I will work till about 2 pm (which is when the 'Weather Network' was saying the rain would clear.) I wait till about 1:40 pm and then I went for a run! Wohoo!!

However Friday night my knee got stiff again and I was getting uncomfortable and worried that it will start bugging me again,so even though it was so sunny and beautiful on Saturday I decided to take a rest day for the knee. Anyhow I also realized that if I don't put a deadline to my running I will probably always have some thing else that I would find to do other than running,so last night I finally Registered for the 10K!!

Also that means I need to start prepping myself up --Well today was not so bad it was cloudy but dry (People who read this from other parts may /may not relate to how much the weather plays a vital role in running in Van(Rain) couver) so I did go for my run, the knee did hurt initially and then it went away,and so far it has been okay! So yay me!

Here starts the training!! Sun Run here I come :)


  1. way to go girl! yes once you have a set target, u tend to be more disciplined about your training. But take it slow, I do not know what training plan you are following, but a couch to 10k plan sounds perfect for you.

    1. Thanks Prachi! Yes I am following the learn to run plan!

  2. yes.. lemme chime in with prachi! take it slow, stretch after the run, warm up enough and keep well hydrated...but too cool!!!

  3. Thanks Sugar!I am trying to take it slow!