Friday, February 22, 2013

Just some randomness!

So just thought I'd share this for no reason in particular.

This is what we were busy doing last weekend-Making a play area for the twins, under the stairs

My girl loves to go and sit here, partly because the Green Blanket's her favorite ( her Gramma's) ! The two boys( the Big Bro plays with them too) will go where ever she is, and either play or Bug her !

While we were busy making the Tent and de-cluttering, this is what the twins were doing-sitting in there old bath tub and pretending as if it was a boat-I thought that was cute !!

Then again, my opinions are biased!

It's been raining since morning and it is 8.40 am, I had intended to run before breakfast but changed my plan since mother nature decided to water the plants outside!

I am going to go for a run before lunch Rain or Shine!

More Later

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