Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Happening at my end!

Well--apart from the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to do the Jillian Michael's workout lately!

Usually, when I need to get the workout done in the evening, the weekend before- I keep everything organized. This weekend we have been busy de-clutterring and making a playroom tent under the Stairs for the twins, and hence could not organize the food-!!!

THE SIDE EFFECT- couldn't do any of my workouts since I need to cook in the evening, and then it gets too late :(

BUT on a POSITIVE note I have been going on my runs!!!! Well that is merely due to the fact that it is during the middle of the work day, and I have peer pressure! :) Which by the way, is good for running. And my peers are awesome to motivate me-they are mostly Marathon and Half marathon runners but don't mind slowing down their pace to accompany me! And one of them happens to be my Super BOSS (Boss's Boss-Oops!) But she is an awesome running buddy! Anyhow!

So we have a BIG 10K (We're talking about a 25,000 runners here) event around in April and the company that I work for -we actually make Activity related software and we HOST the registration website for this Running Event-so we get to register for this event for FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

So we have different groups formed around the workplace that are runners /wanna be runners / and walkers ! I have registered in the Group BUT not yet registered for the SUN RUN-I will see how the next two runs go and then will decide if I should or shouldn't register.

Frankly though 10K seems a HUGE goal to achieve--I'm gonna see how it goes over the weekend and then register!

Food wise-I have officially given up dieting as it wasn't working for me!! Focusing on making smart n healthy choices-Oh and I haven't weighed myself this week, Will see how it goes and will weigh myself on the weekend.

That's it for now

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  1. isn't that annoying? I get so mad when stupid reasons cause me to miss my workouts. So I treat exercise as a non-negotiable factor and figure out the rest!