Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ripped in 30 -Review

So I did manage to get in Ripped in 30 the week before I left for North Carolina.

Here's what I think of it -This could be a great workout if you want to follow it up after the 30 Day Shred. It is a total of 35 minutes with a usual Warm up and Gradual Cool down as are in all Jillian Michael's workout's

The things I loved about this work out was the fact that you can do it all level of fitness, however some moves were not my types at all

The thing I hated about this workout was-The Side plank where in you need to be able to lift yourself on one arm-I couldn't lift even a slight side (imagine how heavy my bottom is lol)I was hating and laughing myself at the same time

The thing which I found boring is that this has a lot of moves which are repetition from 30 Day shred-like the first set after warm up is exactly same as the Level 1 of 30 Day shred.

Jillian also recommends you follow the diet with it,which I obviously am NOT. As not a whole lot of food we would eat normally and in the Diet PDF there isn't a variation/ alternative to what would be an equivalent if one is a vegetarian, or has Lactose intolerance for that matter, which I think was not right especially if you are catering to such a mass audience.

There is this one part where she makes you use your back a whole lot-and I realized after the workout my back was pretty stiff-and I am not sure because of this if I would want to do this workout again ! I am sure,I didn't do this part correctly,but I don't want to take any chances especially if I am doing this with weights.

So  I although this is a great workout I think I am going to PASS this one.:)

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