Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Running -Rain or Shine

So since I have now officially registered for the Sun Run it means that I need to pull up my socks and run **Rain or Shine**

I am following the Sun Run Guidelines for running and this week is Week 6 which means it is 5 minutes run 1 minute walk,well I did better than I thought I would do which is great! The last two were really sucky cause we were at a uphill and past 2:45 minutes I stopped till we reached a good point up the hill. While doing every set of running however I felt as if it was never going to run and my running buddy's were busy chit chatting with each other-(It was so easy for them)-Me on the other hand was focused on completing each 5 minute set,breathing, and trying to stay alive in the midst of all this! lol! But I am sure once I stick to this routine it will surely get better for me too.

My knee seemed to be okay then,surprisingly it did not bug me as I initially thought it would.

In the evening I did my 30 DS,however in the first set itself something clicked in my knee and it started hurting me! So I decided to stop the workout right away :( BOO! Anyhow I've noticed that my knee does hurt when I start to jump around, so instead of doing a workout where there is a jumping involved , I am trying to go back (although with a heavy heart) to Jillian Michael's No more Trouble Zone.

I say Heavy heart, as this workout is tough for me, and long too-but I do tend to cut it to 35 minutes,so that isn't a problem. Boy !! does it work the trouble zones. I thought it would be best to take a rest today and start back tomorrow, so I go for a run tomorrow and then the JM-NMTZ  (Jillian Michael's No more Trouble Zone.) from tomorrow evening.


  1. look at the resolve :) exercise in spite of the pain. Keep the toughness going :)

    may I suggest that you do strengthening exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints that hurt. Try yoga poses that are slow or deep stretches (google) for painful knee/ ankle so that you also strengthen those areas.

  2. That is what the Physio therapist has also told me-I will try them in the near future now! Thanks for the suggestion Sugar!