Friday, March 29, 2013

Today's Workouts and a Weird Obsession

Today being a Statutory holiday here,we have been home. I had decided to get my run in, first thing in the morning.

I finally was able to go at 10 am.With the twins being watched partly by the Big Brother, and partly by hubby darling, as he was working from home today!

Anyways I went for my run and you know what-I SUCKED at it BIG TIME...!!!!

First 25 minutes or so was okay, and then my throat started getting really dry, my lips went dry and I suddenly realized that I had not had any water since I had woken up-I mean imagine that-! Since the morning, I was so busy that I did not even think of hydrating until I was out running.

Anyways, I kept going, although really slow, however at a certain point I was at a uphill.

I had read somewhere that if you are on a uphill, just look down and keep running, and in some way the mind doesn't do the jeopardizing act of telling the body to stop, when the Brain says keep going! I kept looking down at the pavement--Oh and I was wearing a cap so that kinda helped me to keep going-Anyway after I was half way through my toe started cramping big time--So I stopped running and kept walking till I reached the top of the hill. Then started running from there on.

I had planned to run a 7 K today! After I reached another 1.5 km my toe was straight frozen-literally I could not move it much and by this time had to stop, hold on to a lamp post, and wiggle it a little.Well I decided to cut my run short and luckily as I was close to home I stopped running and walked the rest I guess 0.5 k back home.

Today's total distance 5.10 K

All in all a SUCKY run but I am so glad I did go nonetheless. I guess me being so dehydrated definitely has something to do with it! The Endorphin s helped me be sane during the day with the Twins!

That's me after the run with my glass of water

I napped ( after the longest time) in the afternoon when the twins were napping - In the evening after the twins went to bed I worked out AGAIN!!!!

I did JM's 'No More trouble Zone' in my gym

Me after the workout!

This is when I realized....I have this strange obsession of taking pictures of myself after a hard workout-Just to get a feel of how much I sweated and that gives me a kick of sorts! I know! It's weird! But Whatever keeps me going! Right? That's just me-as weird as I can be !

I definitely am seeing some change in the cheeks and the neck-I find its looking slimmer!Me like it---haha!

More later

Baby Romaine and Orange Salad


3 cups Baby Romaine
1 Medium Orange
1 handful pitted Almonds
1 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Red wine Vinegar (optional)
1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crushed Pepper (to taste and optional)

Wash and cut the Orange and Baby Romaine.
Mix all the other ingredients

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mango Mousse Recipe

I was craving a dessert and came up with this idea since I had bought some fat free stuff as my blog's name suggests

Mango Mousse Recipe- Fat Free (ish)


  • Mangoes (any kinds/ cut/if ready made pulped make sure they are sugar free)
  • 2 Tbsp Fat Free Milk OR Condensed Milk if you like it Thicker

  • 2 tsp Splenda OR any other Artificial Sweetener OR better still Honey
  • 2 tbsp Fat Free Cool Whip

Put it through the Blender or Magic Bullet

Garnish with whatever you'd like to eat with it and


Yummy in my Tummy!

Total Calories 194 Serves 2

Monday, March 25, 2013

De Motivated and questioning!

I have been really de motivated over the weekend,partly because my scale is not happy with me, and partly because the side effect of that is the "Screw it-!!! I might as well HOG" attitude that I have gotten into due to that! The Ripple of which is going back on the scale with an increase in the weight (OBVIOUSLY) the scale is faithful in doing that always!

Saturday was a really beautiful day, with clear blue skies and warm (ish) weather ! So we decided we will go to the park. This park, also happens to have a beautiful long jogging track (the one which is soft and supposed to be good for the knees)! So I did a bit of my errands running during the mornings after lunch.

After reading Sugar's post on  '10 reasons why joining a gym is a smart choice'

One of the things I also did (in the running errands list) was visit a nearby gym to inquire what their rates are. It was a decent place and their timings are 4:45 am till Midnight weekdays and 8 am till 9 pm weekends, which will suit me. The rate is $50 registration fee and $35 monthly fee with no contracts with a 30 days notice for withdrawal. I am not so sure of that.

A few things that did come into my mind were

  • Will I be able to fit in a gym schedule in my already tight schedule?
  • Will I be committed enough to go at least 5 days a week if not more?
  • Will I get bored of running on the treadmill?
  • Will I get bored with the circuit?
  • What if this money goes waste (yet another time ---just like last time)?
Don't get me wrong ,I have had a gym membership for years and years and have been exercising for a while now, but with experience I have also come to know that , that does NOT unfortunately GUARANTEE weight loss SUCCESS ! Especially now with the chaos that happens in my life with the twins and the fact that it is so exhausting just to get through my days,especially my weekends, as these tend to have more of a "TO DO LIST" than the weekdays. I know that I tend to put myself on the back burner and do whats more important for the family.

For e.g-I wanted to go for a run Saturday first thing in the morning.....but the twins woke up a t like 6 am, and then they needed a change, and milk and then cried,then it was breakfast time then our breakfast ,and then I couldn't go right till evening.So the point is I put myself last!! Its just the way it is... I am working on thinking of my health priorities too---but that's quite some work-lol!

So in all this the question I am contemplating is would a gym membership make sense? 

Another option hubby darling suggested was us buying a treadmill and that way we both can use it-- my first thought on that was-where is the god damn place in our already crammed house for that? 

I am still processing and pondering over that !!

I did manage to run about 3.5 km on Saturday, while my darling hubby watched and played with the kids in the park.

I realized that running in circles is quite boring for me,especially since I am kind of ,getting used to running out and reaching places,is motivating and exciting me, so in such an instance will that gym membership or treadmill suffice me? I wonder!

Here's a click from Saturday

Friday, March 22, 2013

One step forward and two steps back!

Have you heard the song "Not meant to be" by Theory of a Deadman? The songs lyrics has a line where it goes like

One step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I can't change your mind,

This is exactly how I am feeling right now, No matter what I do the scale is always mad at me, honestly I have put in genuine effort this week to get in at least one workout in a day, and that has been my goal, which I have succeeded so far an ( exception being yesterday) .The scale however does not want to budge, it does not like something and right now is throwing a tantrum.

Then I keep thinking is this "NOT MEANT TO BE ?!!!! " Ughh,,,, I don't want to think like that!!! I want this to work between me and the scale!!!! I want us to finally start loving each other!

I was 192.2 yesterday and today the scale says I am back to 193.2. I mean I am going one step forward and two steps back. I think I am, may be asking too much on too less a time, may be I need to give my body more time. My body has been so used to exercise for so long,and doing 30 minutes here and there is just may be not cutting it out.

Exercise wise

Saturday-Ran 5.5 kms
Sunday Rested
Monday-Ran 4.5 kms
Tuesday-Jillian Michaels No more Trouble Zone
Wednesday-Ran 4.35 kms
Friday-Plan to run atleast a 5 k (weather permitting)
Saturday-Its apparently going to SNOW (fun !fun! fun !* sarcasm intended) So Jillian Michaels No more Trouble Zone
Sunday-May be a longer run

Food wise I have been very conscious of what I cook and what I eat, I have tried mostly to have lighter dinners and earlier too, I had Beet root soup last night and the night before.

What could explain the sudden gain today would be the fact that we had a late (meaning at around 7.45pm) dinner last night versus the past couple of days when we had dinner at around 6.30 pm. So I guess that is something to try and keep in mind that the scale does not like me having late dinners.

I should have dinner right after I am done feeding the twins,like I've done the past couple days and see if that works.

Its better now that finally its spring time, and if its still day light after the twins go to bed I can add in may be a run or a swim in the community pool when the weather gets warmer.

I hope the scale does get happy with me I am done being in the 190's now I'm sick of that weight.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hungry for change?

 I watched the Documentary "Hungry for change" the other day and I was really amazed at how much the food industry has taken over our lives in terms of what we eat and how we get addicted to it. The Documentary has some eye opening facts like how MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) is added in food as an additive which makes us eat it more and more. It made me think of the Lay's Chips tag line it says "No one can eat just ONE"  and the reason behind this is the Sodium (MSG) added in it.

The Documentary also speaks about how Sugar is a form of drug and they say it is as good as any other Addictive drugs like Heroine . Food industry people are aware of this and that is why you will see a tonne of sugar added in Processed food. Well if at all you are reading this,please try and get a hold of this documentary and do watch, it is an amazing eye opener. It speaks about Sugar cravings, and how dieting is a quick fix, it is more relevant to the Western World where the Fast food industry is prevalent-the sad reality of the world that I live in is that Fast food costs much less than Home cooked, good food for eg-A Mc Donald Burger cost $ 1.39 , and I can't say I can make a home cooked nutritious food in that much amount of time. So the if you want to think short term, yes fast food is cheaper,HOWEVER-in the long run it is going to catch up-I also watched another Documentary "Super size me" but I will need to make another post on that.

Surely food for thought I'd say!

I am trying to curb my sugar cravings and so I decided to make a healthy dessert instead and here's what I made-

Strawberry,Apple,Cranberry Dessert


1 Apple
4 Strawberries
3-4 Dried Sweetened Cranberries
1Tbsp-Blanched and cut Almonds
1 Tbsp-Chocolate chips
3 Tbsp-Milk
2 Tsp-Chocolate syrup

Cut all the fruits and ingredients mix and enjoy!

I could not eat the whole bowl and had to share it with my son,with a total of 149 calories for two servings it sure was yummy in my Tummy!

Serves  people
Apple - Eastern - Medium, 1 apple722200016Ico_delete
Delmonte Fruit Naturals - Strawberries, 3 g100000Ico_delete
Cranberries - Dried, sweetened, 10 g3180007Ico_delete
Chocolate - Dark Chips , 3 g1421012Ico_delete
Milk - Whole, 3.25% milkfat, 3 tbsp27211182Ico_delete
Nesquik - Chocolate Syrup 25% Less Sugar, 1 ml410011Ico_delete
Add Ingredient

Per Serving:7518111014

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DEFINITELY--MAYBE-Getting the hang of running!

It has been raining all this week, and I have not been running as I should have -Actually the training requires that I run 3x a week, Well I did run on Tuesday, and in fact in the Rain.! I keep telling myself that I need to be able to deal with it,if I have an ambition  "TO-BE-A-RUNNER" and that too-here in Rain-City!But Tuesday was different ,Tuesday my knee started to hurt and my foot got sore,as it was soaked in the rain! BOO to the rains ! Really have I told you enough number of time how much I HATE HATE HATE the rains! I really do, even though it rains here ALL the time -I still HATE it-I will any day take SNOW over rain-Snow is still okay to deal with apart from Shoveling out the drive way,and bundling up-But that's besides the point.

Anyhow, long story short, I was supposed to run 3x where as I ran only once this week,that too on Tuesday. I was planning that I will run this morning as it being a Saturday I thought I would get in a LONG run in---well the Rain God's would not stop --and I was so upset I couldn't go,so we decided we'd go out after lunch to do some hope decor shopping. Guess what,just when we were about to leave-the Sun decided to come out and shine on us.I started getting really restless, while shopping, as I kept feeling that I was wasting my time shopping instead, when the rain has finally stopped,I should be out running,

This is me in my head "Yesterday you said tomorrow-and today it's not even raining-I mean could this shopping not have waited till you were done with the run?" Well thankfully we were done soon,BUT the husband decided that now is a good time to go pick up some small stuff groceries like milk etc-as it was on the way home-and I thought to myself this run is never gonna happen "You can dream on, BUT you are never gonna be able to go for a run" Anyhow that was over and done soon too! PHEW! When we finally reached home,I straight went to change and off I went for a run ! YAY ME!

Today -I had decided since I had some time on my hand I would do a longer run and see how I feel about it, well the interval was 10 minute run and 1 minute walk, and guess what? I was able to run the whole distance-yay-I was so proud and happy that I did decide to go in the end. And to top it,just when I was done and reaching home it started pouring again-So I was glad and caught on to the window,when it was clear and I could run! Today's total distance 5.57 kms!

So I think definitely-maybe I am getting the hang of running!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pocket full of happiness!

A while ago I had mentioned that I went to North Carolina to see my new born (born on Christmas day) neice.

Isn't she a doll?

Well I never got a chance to tell anyone the whole story. I surprised my sister and my Aai (Mum) meaning they did not know I was going to visit them, my brother in law knew, so he came to the Airport to pick me up. It was 11 pm so my sister and mum had gone off to bed already and I entered with Bro in law with my camera in his hand and I woke my sister up-HAHA-She was sooo startled, I took a video of that! That was fun, then it was my Mum's turn to be woken up-She woke up cus we turned the light on in her bedroom-haha-and she was so surprised and happy at the same time and it was so much fun and Oh! I forgot to mention I went ALONE sans the Kids-Hubby darling was sweet enough to take care of the kids here while I could get to visit my sister. I was there for 2 day (only) but it also took me about 6 hours of flying time which makes it 4 days in total But I am happy I got to see my sister.

Here are some pictures with my sister from then

Food of course, needs to be on the Agenda always :) But we also did manage to get in a couple of runs so we were covered.

This is just when I was leaving, Aai is always so teary eyed when anyone of us is leaving! This is a very rare click of Aai with both her daughters together.

This one is for keeps, just the way we are, Aai is either visiting her or me,but us getting together is rare, and even in this picture we're missing our Pappa who's back in India ! Boo-but whatever -we got to do with what we get! Pocket full of happiness!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weight loss="GOOD" person and Weight gain="UGLY" person ?

So today I finally had the courage to stand on the scale and my weight has shot up 2 lbs ! I know I shouldn't be surprised with the way I have been eating the sweet delicacies for Big Bro's Birthday and all..what did I really expect here?

By now, I should know how my body and metabolism works,~~ REALLY!!~~ Still I get frustrated and upset EVERY SINGLE time I see a weight gain on the scale! Also what makes me think that loosing weight = me being a "GOOD" person and gaining weight= to me being a "BAD" / sometimes even "UGLY" person?

I try not to think that the number on the scale DOES NOT make or break who I am !!! I still struggle with the Self Image of what I should be, (in my mind I have this number on the scale) which I should be!

(image courtesy -Google)

I have been running only alternate days-and still struggling on finding that window of time in the evening to do my workout.My body does not loose weight with Alternate days of exercise! The Diet part has been average except the desserts that were left over and me working from home this entire week.

I need to have gone out of this 90's long back-but I still am here, and that means, things need to change a little just for a bit so I do bump start the result and get in the the 180's. So with much apprehension I am thinking I will try and do the Lentil Soup Diet again,just till I get into the 180',s.

Every day for Lunch I will have a different Lentil (Dal) soup with tonnes of Veggies, home made of course! And for dinner I'll either have Vegetables with some Quinoa or Quinoa and some other kind of Dal.

The real question is what if I get a craving for sugar after dinner and then I can't control myself what do I do then? I guess I will try eat the portion control 90 calories dessert I got-or try and eat some fruit to begin with to see if that helps stop the craving,

What do you guys do for cravings and to bump start the plateau?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring forward ! YAY!

I am going to start this Post from Friday.

Friday my baby ---(my first baby and he will always remain Mamma's baby) turned 9 years old-Holly Molly-that makes me old (cough cough-young) ! Anyhow's absolutely there were celebrations,and demands from the big bro as to what he would like to eat-so the menu was (as per demand) Orange Pretzels (That's what he calls the Jalebi's-LOL) Gulab jamun's and the Diamond thingy (aka Kaju katli) all store bought-he also wanted Naan and some Paneer dish-which we all love.

I was a good girl on Friday-as I did go for a run and ran 3.56 km it total ! wohoo! My knee started to hurt at about 3.40 km and I decided to give it a break and instead of completing a set 5 Km I stopped at 3.56 kms. I am going to see how it goes today, as I plan to run a long run today too.

Saturday I had all plans to run but as the knee was still hurting I did not dare to move anything other than doing the essentially, oh by the way it also happened to be beautiful and Sunny on Saturday and we should've gone to the Park with the kids, but we never really thought of that and headed across the border (The U.S Border is about 15 minutes from where we live) and every once in a while we cross the border to do a bit of shopping for stuff that you don't get here so easily, or some milk and unsalted butter which is cheaper their compared to here (for ghee). Although we went after lunch and all the kids obviosuly got hungry so we indulged in Mangoes-oh soo good

Sunday was drizzly and yucky and the time changed-Oh for those reading from outside North America,(NA) The night between Saturday and Sunday, all or NA changes its time by 1 hour forward to save the day light!

You know what that means? It means we get more of the day light, we get to see the brighter days again! I was so waiting for this, Fall/Winter are so dark and depressing and the weather makes it worse-So thats it folks-I haven't had the courage to stand on the scale as yet-hopefully soon-I am expecting a hike-as usual :( 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I need HELP--

So I have been looking at my weight chart and the Exercise goal that I make and break every week -Other than the running one my other workouts are absolutely non existant! SIGH!

I don't know when /how I should fit this in my schedule. Really!!

Here's my issue

I wake up at 5 am everyday-(sometimes earlier) depending on what Shift I do at work.So that means it makes it absolutely impossible to workout before work. I have started going for runs but the scale doesn't want to budge! So I need to add something more,and yes consistency is a KEY I know.

You know folks my life is really really really CRAZY and CHAOTIC-I am not saying this in the least to make it sound like an excuse but really-IT IS-to give you a fair idea-

  • I have no family here in Canada, which means I and my hubby darling watch our kids alternating each others schedules and other stuff to be done. 
  • I have a very hectic full time job for which I need to sometimes stay at work for upto 9 hrs.
  • I have no house help-which means I cook, clean,do the laundry,the dishes,vacuum,everything pretty much in my spare time.
  • The twins are super duper active and are really all over the place and in everything!
  • The older one has some homework everyday!
  • There's lunch boxes to pack with snack and lunch different for everyone (Menu too as the twins don't eat real food yet, still on baby food which means I cook that seperately )
  • The evenings are crazy busy with cooking,bathing the kids,homework.
By the time I'm done house chores its about 8 pm ! So if we haven't gotten a chance to have dinner by 5 pm (which most of the times we don't) then by far I'm too hungry to exercise-then in this case when the heck do I find the time to exercise?

Unless I wake up at an unearthly hour of say 3.30 or 4 am I don't see anything happening! But I need to exercise! My body needs the exercise!

 Yes I am running alternate days ,but that isn't enough!

Should I be exercising just  Friday/Saturday/Sunday? I don't know what to do!

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sneaking in a post

Just sneaking in a quick post before heading out the door this morning. (Been really sick with cough and cold and all that fun!)

We ran a 5K on Monday with my running buddy's at work! Honestly I wouldn't have been able to complete it had it not been for them! My buddy's are awesome! The interval was 10 minutes run and only 1 minute walk-and that was mighty HARD for me-but thanks to the peer pressure and encouragement I was able to complete it-I must have run may be 4.5K -I am happy with that at this point.

Having a cold/ cough definitely does not help! Anyhow's

More later :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I did not Melt today!

So it was really raining heavily today, but the stubborn person that I am ! I had to go for a run, and so I did

Here's how hard it sounded...

Well! at first, when I was about to start, it wasn't raining, the hubby darling asked me to wear my rain jacket as he had checked and it was going to rain soon. So I did!! and boy was I glad I did.

Anyhow! Today's Interval was 10 minute run 3 minute walk 3 times.To my surprise, I was able to complete it, with a total distance covered 3.45 kms.

I was completely drenched by the end of it! But very proud of myself.At a certain point the rain was hitting so hard on my face and my feet in particular, my shoes wear soaking and were starting to chafe  but I kept going focusing on completing the run and kept telling myself that I am not ICE! I will NOT melt in the rain!

Wohoo! I did complete it

That's me at the cool down walk-didn't smile cause I was so focused on taking a pic and wanted to get it done with,was too worried my iPhone was getting wet!

Oh and BTW! I hate how my face is looking long and chubby! But that is the whole point of this 'take a foto' exercise, so that I can see how I look, and keep doing something about it, instead of Quitting and starting over every few months!

Friday, March 1, 2013

' Raincouver' and Gears for running in the rain!

So since I have registered for the 10 K Event, it also means that I need to be equipped with gears to be able to run in all kinds of weather, and when I mean ALL kinds of weather I really mean ALL !

Vancouver is a city in the Province of British Columbia,and the province is called 'BRITISH Columbia for a reason. The weather is very very English. It rains more here than it does in England (know that from living in both the countries) I know I going away from the point.

The point is Vancouver has a lot of rain, (10 months on an average out of 12 for sure.)For e.g- Today there is a 'RAINFALL WARNING in effect for Greater Vancouver' so it rained real heavy in the morning,got super windy in the afternoon, and I can see some sunlight peeping through now! So you get my point.

Here are some gear that help me with running in the rain and the dreary cold weather

  • Leggings-Non Cotton one to avoid Chafing although cotton are my favorite,but they drench.
  • Socks
  • Shoes-Asics Gel series or Brooks Women s Adrenalin GTX are good and help keep the moisture from seeping through.
  • Sports Bra-Old Navy/ Champion/ Lulumon are my personal favorite.
  • Thermal Layer-if it's below freezing.
  • T-Shirt
  • Base Jacket 
  • Water proof jacket -I usually wear two jackets for layering as I feel super cold when I start off and am cooling down.
  • Gloves-waterproof or not
  • Cap-to cover ears'
  • Chap stick-for lips
  • Tissue-THE MUST HAVE for me-cause my nose leaks way too much while running in the cold.
That reminds me I need to buy some more gears this weekend ! YAY! for shopping!