Monday, March 25, 2013

De Motivated and questioning!

I have been really de motivated over the weekend,partly because my scale is not happy with me, and partly because the side effect of that is the "Screw it-!!! I might as well HOG" attitude that I have gotten into due to that! The Ripple of which is going back on the scale with an increase in the weight (OBVIOUSLY) the scale is faithful in doing that always!

Saturday was a really beautiful day, with clear blue skies and warm (ish) weather ! So we decided we will go to the park. This park, also happens to have a beautiful long jogging track (the one which is soft and supposed to be good for the knees)! So I did a bit of my errands running during the mornings after lunch.

After reading Sugar's post on  '10 reasons why joining a gym is a smart choice'

One of the things I also did (in the running errands list) was visit a nearby gym to inquire what their rates are. It was a decent place and their timings are 4:45 am till Midnight weekdays and 8 am till 9 pm weekends, which will suit me. The rate is $50 registration fee and $35 monthly fee with no contracts with a 30 days notice for withdrawal. I am not so sure of that.

A few things that did come into my mind were

  • Will I be able to fit in a gym schedule in my already tight schedule?
  • Will I be committed enough to go at least 5 days a week if not more?
  • Will I get bored of running on the treadmill?
  • Will I get bored with the circuit?
  • What if this money goes waste (yet another time ---just like last time)?
Don't get me wrong ,I have had a gym membership for years and years and have been exercising for a while now, but with experience I have also come to know that , that does NOT unfortunately GUARANTEE weight loss SUCCESS ! Especially now with the chaos that happens in my life with the twins and the fact that it is so exhausting just to get through my days,especially my weekends, as these tend to have more of a "TO DO LIST" than the weekdays. I know that I tend to put myself on the back burner and do whats more important for the family.

For e.g-I wanted to go for a run Saturday first thing in the morning.....but the twins woke up a t like 6 am, and then they needed a change, and milk and then cried,then it was breakfast time then our breakfast ,and then I couldn't go right till evening.So the point is I put myself last!! Its just the way it is... I am working on thinking of my health priorities too---but that's quite some work-lol!

So in all this the question I am contemplating is would a gym membership make sense? 

Another option hubby darling suggested was us buying a treadmill and that way we both can use it-- my first thought on that was-where is the god damn place in our already crammed house for that? 

I am still processing and pondering over that !!

I did manage to run about 3.5 km on Saturday, while my darling hubby watched and played with the kids in the park.

I realized that running in circles is quite boring for me,especially since I am kind of ,getting used to running out and reaching places,is motivating and exciting me, so in such an instance will that gym membership or treadmill suffice me? I wonder!

Here's a click from Saturday


  1. Such a lovely picture.
    First of all, I really admire you working out even though you have 3 kids.Thats quite a challenge and beleive me,I find it challenging with 1 kid only.
    Secondly, not sure but maybe working out at 5:30 AM 3 times a week might be better.See if you can get some babby sitting help for an hour from ur hubby.Not sure if that will be pssoible though.

  2. Thanks for the compliment dear! They are the reason I want to get to a healthier weight!
    Morning work outs are out of question as I start getting ready at 5 am so if I need to workout before that -that would mean waking up at 4:30 am---Should try that for a while and see if that would work. Thanks again for your encouragement and motivating words, I really appreciate it~!

  3. Sheetal... I undertsand what you mean. I would first try to get in a fixed schedule before committing to a gym.Try to get in your runs over the weekend when you have the husband to chip in. Other days, do try some home work out DVDs. When you do join a gym look for one that has a decent variety of group classes like step or yoga or pump. That way your motivation can keep improving.
    Believe me small changes made over time will show up in very many ways. Stick to your healthy eating and living no matter what. Make it your new "normal" and be happy about how much you are able to accomplish! Seriously you are a rock star of sorts :)
    Forget about the scale for a while. Begin the enjoy yourself and the whole process of getting healthy! Sorry for the long comment. But my heart goes out to you!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind word Sugar! They keep me going. I am looking into the gym plan seriously. I do get the runs in 3x a week plus once over the weekend.Not thinking of the scale is a thing I am still learning to do!

  4. Hi,

    It's easier said than done, but don't let the scale dictate your day. I am guilty of it too, but over a period of time I have learnt to let the weight go and concentrate on getting fitter instead. Just look at the progress in terms of how much more you can run now tc, focus on the non scale victories.
    About the gym, as sugar pointed our there are a lot of benefits, but then again you need to look at your schedule. I did join a gym, but can only manage to go on the weekends, because my husband works shifts and has been travelling quiet a bit. But like Nodieting said, if your husband can cover for you, well nothing like it.
    Hope you find a good routine that works for you.:)

    1. Thanks Prachi for your support and motivation!For me its hard to not thinking of the scale really! I am trying hard! Also thinking of the gym and whether that will be a right choice!

  5. ohhh Sheetal, I already think you are doing really good with your situation. I cant imagine going to work, handling 3 kids, household chores and then exercise. From my experience so far, dont weigh often (may be lock the scale in a cupboard), do what fits your schedule. The kids are cute. What about listening to audio books or music while you are running in circles ?? I felt it good doing that. Infact I hear and murmur my slogas/chants and prayers on the treadmill. Try out everything. All the best.

    1. Thanks a lot Gowri! I do listen to music while running, but the excitement of reaching an X place by running , is what is motivating me currently :) So I guess, I will continue with that-Treadmll may be won't be all that bad since it does a little bit of the work for you!