Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hungry for change?

 I watched the Documentary "Hungry for change" the other day and I was really amazed at how much the food industry has taken over our lives in terms of what we eat and how we get addicted to it. The Documentary has some eye opening facts like how MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) is added in food as an additive which makes us eat it more and more. It made me think of the Lay's Chips tag line it says "No one can eat just ONE"  and the reason behind this is the Sodium (MSG) added in it.

The Documentary also speaks about how Sugar is a form of drug and they say it is as good as any other Addictive drugs like Heroine . Food industry people are aware of this and that is why you will see a tonne of sugar added in Processed food. Well if at all you are reading this,please try and get a hold of this documentary and do watch, it is an amazing eye opener. It speaks about Sugar cravings, and how dieting is a quick fix, it is more relevant to the Western World where the Fast food industry is prevalent-the sad reality of the world that I live in is that Fast food costs much less than Home cooked, good food for eg-A Mc Donald Burger cost $ 1.39 , and I can't say I can make a home cooked nutritious food in that much amount of time. So the if you want to think short term, yes fast food is cheaper,HOWEVER-in the long run it is going to catch up-I also watched another Documentary "Super size me" but I will need to make another post on that.

Surely food for thought I'd say!

I am trying to curb my sugar cravings and so I decided to make a healthy dessert instead and here's what I made-

Strawberry,Apple,Cranberry Dessert


1 Apple
4 Strawberries
3-4 Dried Sweetened Cranberries
1Tbsp-Blanched and cut Almonds
1 Tbsp-Chocolate chips
3 Tbsp-Milk
2 Tsp-Chocolate syrup

Cut all the fruits and ingredients mix and enjoy!

I could not eat the whole bowl and had to share it with my son,with a total of 149 calories for two servings it sure was yummy in my Tummy!

Serves  people
Apple - Eastern - Medium, 1 apple722200016Ico_delete
Delmonte Fruit Naturals - Strawberries, 3 g100000Ico_delete
Cranberries - Dried, sweetened, 10 g3180007Ico_delete
Chocolate - Dark Chips , 3 g1421012Ico_delete
Milk - Whole, 3.25% milkfat, 3 tbsp27211182Ico_delete
Nesquik - Chocolate Syrup 25% Less Sugar, 1 ml410011Ico_delete
Add Ingredient

Per Serving:7518111014


  1. Good going girl..Its a coincidence that I was just about to watch today Fat,sick and nearly dead. I was reading some articles on weight loss and I found about this documentary , was wondering may be should search for more documentaries or movies of this nature. The recipe looks yummy. I will try when I get my hands on the ingredients. hahahh I should show this post to my "Lays crazy" sister - you cant catch her without a Lays potato chips pack... and still she is super thin and wearing "XS" ... god bless her ...

    1. Some people have the right genes and metabolism to stay thin.Unfortunately not me! Yup I have heard "Fat,sick, and nearly dead' is also a good watcch. Haven't watched it myself-let me know please how you find it.

  2. Yes thats how packaged goods are :(

    and nice fruitsalad btw

    1. I know eh, sad truth of good tasting convenience food :( Thanks.