Saturday, March 2, 2013

I did not Melt today!

So it was really raining heavily today, but the stubborn person that I am ! I had to go for a run, and so I did

Here's how hard it sounded...

Well! at first, when I was about to start, it wasn't raining, the hubby darling asked me to wear my rain jacket as he had checked and it was going to rain soon. So I did!! and boy was I glad I did.

Anyhow! Today's Interval was 10 minute run 3 minute walk 3 times.To my surprise, I was able to complete it, with a total distance covered 3.45 kms.

I was completely drenched by the end of it! But very proud of myself.At a certain point the rain was hitting so hard on my face and my feet in particular, my shoes wear soaking and were starting to chafe  but I kept going focusing on completing the run and kept telling myself that I am not ICE! I will NOT melt in the rain!

Wohoo! I did complete it

That's me at the cool down walk-didn't smile cause I was so focused on taking a pic and wanted to get it done with,was too worried my iPhone was getting wet!

Oh and BTW! I hate how my face is looking long and chubby! But that is the whole point of this 'take a foto' exercise, so that I can see how I look, and keep doing something about it, instead of Quitting and starting over every few months!


  1. you know they say if you look all pretty at the end of a workout, you have not worked out enough...
    look at you - all sweaty and tired :) you are doing well...hope you are watching the food as well. Thats where the key to weight loss lies :)

  2. Thats the hard part Sugar atleast for me!

    1. it is for everybody Sheetal... thats why weight loss is so so difficult!