Thursday, March 7, 2013

I need HELP--

So I have been looking at my weight chart and the Exercise goal that I make and break every week -Other than the running one my other workouts are absolutely non existant! SIGH!

I don't know when /how I should fit this in my schedule. Really!!

Here's my issue

I wake up at 5 am everyday-(sometimes earlier) depending on what Shift I do at work.So that means it makes it absolutely impossible to workout before work. I have started going for runs but the scale doesn't want to budge! So I need to add something more,and yes consistency is a KEY I know.

You know folks my life is really really really CRAZY and CHAOTIC-I am not saying this in the least to make it sound like an excuse but really-IT IS-to give you a fair idea-

  • I have no family here in Canada, which means I and my hubby darling watch our kids alternating each others schedules and other stuff to be done. 
  • I have a very hectic full time job for which I need to sometimes stay at work for upto 9 hrs.
  • I have no house help-which means I cook, clean,do the laundry,the dishes,vacuum,everything pretty much in my spare time.
  • The twins are super duper active and are really all over the place and in everything!
  • The older one has some homework everyday!
  • There's lunch boxes to pack with snack and lunch different for everyone (Menu too as the twins don't eat real food yet, still on baby food which means I cook that seperately )
  • The evenings are crazy busy with cooking,bathing the kids,homework.
By the time I'm done house chores its about 8 pm ! So if we haven't gotten a chance to have dinner by 5 pm (which most of the times we don't) then by far I'm too hungry to exercise-then in this case when the heck do I find the time to exercise?

Unless I wake up at an unearthly hour of say 3.30 or 4 am I don't see anything happening! But I need to exercise! My body needs the exercise!

 Yes I am running alternate days ,but that isn't enough!

Should I be exercising just  Friday/Saturday/Sunday? I don't know what to do!

Any suggestions?


  1. you guys living away from India do really have a lot on your plate...
    I think u are exercising enough.Work on the food. Try to eat home cooked meals with less oil/butter. Stay away from processed snacks like pretzels, cookies, baked stuff and candy.
    Food is a very very important aspect of weight loss :)

    1. Yes -I mostly do cook home meals, I'm a vegetarian so eating out is not so easy over here for me, and even if I do it usually is something like a Subway s/w ! Thanks for the suggestion Sugar!

  2. Firstly I really admire you. Three kids and no help. I am amazed how you manage everything. You are truly a 'super mom' and should not be so hard on your self.
    That being said, you have not mentioned anything about your eating habits. Maybe you can tweak something there. Weight loss is after all 70% about food and 30% exercise.
    Also can you exercise after 8p.m?
    Sorry for a long reply. But these are just my two bits

  3. Thanks for your kinds words Prachi!I really appreciate them! I usually make home cooked meals, mostly Indian, like curry or dal and Roti-I'm not much of Rice eater so mostly Roti's and when I do make pasta it's usually Whole Wheat! Working out at 8 pm-I can-but I'm too hungry by then, may be I should try and sneak in a roti roll @ 5-6 ish-Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Yes sneaking in a roti roll or maybe some dried fruit/ peanuts is a good idea. Also I noticed I lost more weight when I ate more protein. Maybe you can try adding paneer or soya.