Friday, March 15, 2013

Pocket full of happiness!

A while ago I had mentioned that I went to North Carolina to see my new born (born on Christmas day) neice.

Isn't she a doll?

Well I never got a chance to tell anyone the whole story. I surprised my sister and my Aai (Mum) meaning they did not know I was going to visit them, my brother in law knew, so he came to the Airport to pick me up. It was 11 pm so my sister and mum had gone off to bed already and I entered with Bro in law with my camera in his hand and I woke my sister up-HAHA-She was sooo startled, I took a video of that! That was fun, then it was my Mum's turn to be woken up-She woke up cus we turned the light on in her bedroom-haha-and she was so surprised and happy at the same time and it was so much fun and Oh! I forgot to mention I went ALONE sans the Kids-Hubby darling was sweet enough to take care of the kids here while I could get to visit my sister. I was there for 2 day (only) but it also took me about 6 hours of flying time which makes it 4 days in total But I am happy I got to see my sister.

Here are some pictures with my sister from then

Food of course, needs to be on the Agenda always :) But we also did manage to get in a couple of runs so we were covered.

This is just when I was leaving, Aai is always so teary eyed when anyone of us is leaving! This is a very rare click of Aai with both her daughters together.

This one is for keeps, just the way we are, Aai is either visiting her or me,but us getting together is rare, and even in this picture we're missing our Pappa who's back in India ! Boo-but whatever -we got to do with what we get! Pocket full of happiness!


  1. Love the photos....time spent with sister is always loads of fun...I know because I have one sister your white scarf..

    1. Hey Thanks Dear! I know it so much of chit chatting and pulling each others legs, and me bossing over her-cus I'm the older one-LOL!Thanks I love that scarf too :)

  2. aww, such a sweet post. My sister recently got married and moved to another state. and I already miss her. :)And isnt being the older one fun? hehe

  3. Yup Older one sure is more fun-you can bully the younger one as mucha s you want-atleast I did back then-haha!

  4. So sweet, How did I miss this post ? Hey your sis is in NC. cool...