Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sneaking in a post

Just sneaking in a quick post before heading out the door this morning. (Been really sick with cough and cold and all that fun!)

We ran a 5K on Monday with my running buddy's at work! Honestly I wouldn't have been able to complete it had it not been for them! My buddy's are awesome! The interval was 10 minutes run and only 1 minute walk-and that was mighty HARD for me-but thanks to the peer pressure and encouragement I was able to complete it-I must have run may be 4.5K -I am happy with that at this point.

Having a cold/ cough definitely does not help! Anyhow's

More later :)


  1. wow, congrats on the 5k. Having buddies sure does help doesn't it.

  2. Sure does atleast for me! Thanks for your encouragement Prachi,it surely means a lot !

  3. running with a cold in the cold :) that speaks volumes of your determination :)

    good going... be safe and make sure to stretch well too :)

    1. Aww Sugar! Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement! I almost never strecth after-My BAD!! Will try and remember .