Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring forward ! YAY!

I am going to start this Post from Friday.

Friday my baby ---(my first baby and he will always remain Mamma's baby) turned 9 years old-Holly Molly-that makes me old (cough cough-young) ! Anyhow's absolutely there were celebrations,and demands from the big bro as to what he would like to eat-so the menu was (as per demand) Orange Pretzels (That's what he calls the Jalebi's-LOL) Gulab jamun's and the Diamond thingy (aka Kaju katli) all store bought-he also wanted Naan and some Paneer dish-which we all love.

I was a good girl on Friday-as I did go for a run and ran 3.56 km it total ! wohoo! My knee started to hurt at about 3.40 km and I decided to give it a break and instead of completing a set 5 Km I stopped at 3.56 kms. I am going to see how it goes today, as I plan to run a long run today too.

Saturday I had all plans to run but as the knee was still hurting I did not dare to move anything other than doing the essentially, oh by the way it also happened to be beautiful and Sunny on Saturday and we should've gone to the Park with the kids, but we never really thought of that and headed across the border (The U.S Border is about 15 minutes from where we live) and every once in a while we cross the border to do a bit of shopping for stuff that you don't get here so easily, or some milk and unsalted butter which is cheaper their compared to here (for ghee). Although we went after lunch and all the kids obviosuly got hungry so we indulged in Mangoes-oh soo good

Sunday was drizzly and yucky and the time changed-Oh for those reading from outside North America,(NA) The night between Saturday and Sunday, all or NA changes its time by 1 hour forward to save the day light!

You know what that means? It means we get more of the day light, we get to see the brighter days again! I was so waiting for this, Fall/Winter are so dark and depressing and the weather makes it worse-So thats it folks-I haven't had the courage to stand on the scale as yet-hopefully soon-I am expecting a hike-as usual :( 

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