Friday, March 1, 2013

' Raincouver' and Gears for running in the rain!

So since I have registered for the 10 K Event, it also means that I need to be equipped with gears to be able to run in all kinds of weather, and when I mean ALL kinds of weather I really mean ALL !

Vancouver is a city in the Province of British Columbia,and the province is called 'BRITISH Columbia for a reason. The weather is very very English. It rains more here than it does in England (know that from living in both the countries) I know I going away from the point.

The point is Vancouver has a lot of rain, (10 months on an average out of 12 for sure.)For e.g- Today there is a 'RAINFALL WARNING in effect for Greater Vancouver' so it rained real heavy in the morning,got super windy in the afternoon, and I can see some sunlight peeping through now! So you get my point.

Here are some gear that help me with running in the rain and the dreary cold weather

  • Leggings-Non Cotton one to avoid Chafing although cotton are my favorite,but they drench.
  • Socks
  • Shoes-Asics Gel series or Brooks Women s Adrenalin GTX are good and help keep the moisture from seeping through.
  • Sports Bra-Old Navy/ Champion/ Lulumon are my personal favorite.
  • Thermal Layer-if it's below freezing.
  • T-Shirt
  • Base Jacket 
  • Water proof jacket -I usually wear two jackets for layering as I feel super cold when I start off and am cooling down.
  • Gloves-waterproof or not
  • Cap-to cover ears'
  • Chap stick-for lips
  • Tissue-THE MUST HAVE for me-cause my nose leaks way too much while running in the cold.
That reminds me I need to buy some more gears this weekend ! YAY! for shopping!


  1. :) really running the rain???

    i really admire your will power :)

  2. Thanks Sugar! Trying ! Getting a lot of inspiration and encouragement from you too!

  3. wow, you sure have determination. I had completely stopped running during monsoon.