Friday, March 29, 2013

Today's Workouts and a Weird Obsession

Today being a Statutory holiday here,we have been home. I had decided to get my run in, first thing in the morning.

I finally was able to go at 10 am.With the twins being watched partly by the Big Brother, and partly by hubby darling, as he was working from home today!

Anyways I went for my run and you know what-I SUCKED at it BIG TIME...!!!!

First 25 minutes or so was okay, and then my throat started getting really dry, my lips went dry and I suddenly realized that I had not had any water since I had woken up-I mean imagine that-! Since the morning, I was so busy that I did not even think of hydrating until I was out running.

Anyways, I kept going, although really slow, however at a certain point I was at a uphill.

I had read somewhere that if you are on a uphill, just look down and keep running, and in some way the mind doesn't do the jeopardizing act of telling the body to stop, when the Brain says keep going! I kept looking down at the pavement--Oh and I was wearing a cap so that kinda helped me to keep going-Anyway after I was half way through my toe started cramping big time--So I stopped running and kept walking till I reached the top of the hill. Then started running from there on.

I had planned to run a 7 K today! After I reached another 1.5 km my toe was straight frozen-literally I could not move it much and by this time had to stop, hold on to a lamp post, and wiggle it a little.Well I decided to cut my run short and luckily as I was close to home I stopped running and walked the rest I guess 0.5 k back home.

Today's total distance 5.10 K

All in all a SUCKY run but I am so glad I did go nonetheless. I guess me being so dehydrated definitely has something to do with it! The Endorphin s helped me be sane during the day with the Twins!

That's me after the run with my glass of water

I napped ( after the longest time) in the afternoon when the twins were napping - In the evening after the twins went to bed I worked out AGAIN!!!!

I did JM's 'No More trouble Zone' in my gym

Me after the workout!

This is when I realized....I have this strange obsession of taking pictures of myself after a hard workout-Just to get a feel of how much I sweated and that gives me a kick of sorts! I know! It's weird! But Whatever keeps me going! Right? That's just me-as weird as I can be !

I definitely am seeing some change in the cheeks and the neck-I find its looking slimmer!Me like it---haha!

More later


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gowri! I so get encouraged by your comments! Thanks for taking the time out to comment!

  2. great. good going. I just lazed through the long weekend :(

    1. Thanks Prachi! I lazed around too ,but since it was actually sunny here! I did not want to waste a golden opportunity to actually be able to run when it's dry (no rain) lol!

  3. super... its all about feeling good! Just forget the scale existed and keep going!You will see a whoosh suddenly!

    1. Thanks Sugar! I haven't weighed myself in a while now!and I don't want to either!