Friday, April 26, 2013

Knee update

So ever since the run last Sunday, my knee has not quiet come back to its normal feel. It is still hurting every time I get up after sitting for long.

Monday,Tuesday were really horrible. Wednesday I finally used some heat pad and some Ibuprofen to subside it. I have also not exercised much!! Needless to say,I feel so sloppy and loose skinned again! But I am not going to do anything about it until the knee pain subside.

I've had a long Chiropractor treatment done,before I started being more active, back last year just after the twins were born. The doctor had said then that this was due to the knees going through a series on being very inactive (almost 6 out of 9 months I was asked to do only the basic activity-that too IF NEEDED only) but now is not like that-Anyhow's I'm too scared to go to my doctor again, cause I don't want him to say-you can't run-I'm not ready to hear that-So I am self medicating and rest it and using heating pad,and Ibuprofen.

Hopefully, that should work.

More later!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Race day recap!

So as some of you know I participated in the largest running Event in Canada this Sunday-The Vancouver Sun Run.

Here's my race day recap-

I woke up at 6 am ,and realized that it was raining-UGGH-The weather forecast had lied to me! It said it was going to be sunny, with variable cloudiness!

We had decided that the husband will NOT come along to the running venue, because the entire of Downtown was closed for vehicles , and being stranded on a roadside with no car to go to, is not a fun thing with the kids especially when it's raining!

Anyhow, so they (husband and the kids) dropped me off at the sky train station -This is the photo of then

So I reached the venue at about 9:15 am (when the event was supposed to start at 9 am lol)
and boy was I glad I reached late! 

They were having people start the event in colors-as you can see my color zone was purple-We were second to last, and by the time we started it was 10:21 (phew!)

I was freezing cold until then. Apart from being hungry as I had, had breakfast at about 7:40 ish.

Anyhow! I started with a 5 minute brisk walk-like I always do before starting to run. Then I started to run.

The Goal that I had in mind really was to be able to complete the entire 10K without taking a single break (even for pee lol).

At about 4 K I was starting to feel the rhythm of the run, and the crowd around was so much fun! There were about 48,000 people who were running, so you can imagine the amount of people that had come along to cheer! The whole atmosphere was so energetic!

At about 5 K my left knee started to hurt a little bit, and the right toe had cramps in them, so I started to slow down a bit and kept wiggling my toe.

At about 7 K and some-the toe cramps started to bother me a whole lot-Oh AND I did not want to drink a whole lot of water -Cause the stubborn person that I am-I did not want to stop to pee-SO I kept jogging, at about 7.5K I had to stop running because at that point my toe was completely numb-I thought it was may be the chill in the weather! 

(Oh and as a side note-there were paramedics on bicycle around-SO I did not want to stop more-Cause I imagined how I would look double seat on that bicycle with a paramedic taking me to rescue-lol)

Anyhow from 7.5 K till about 9 K mark I walked, and then since I reached the 9 K mark I started to run again,even with a cramping toe until the finish line-wohooo!

The foto after completing-You can see the pride on my face-

Would I want to run this event again-ummm I'm not sure-! Just cause I felt so lonely in a crowd of 48,000 plus people. Thanks to the logistics of how the twins are little, and we can't get the car to Downtown etc! So may be when the twins grow up a little bit!

Would I want to continue racing-Heck! ya!

My knee is still hurting and so yesterday and today I haven't exercised-we'll see how I feel by the evening and decide if I want to exercise today!

So that's it from me-How was your weekend ?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Been Crazy past little while

What do I say for not posting--To begin with Mr Husband was away in San Deigo-(California) for a conference for a while and that meant, I had to manage stuff all by myself.

Let me tell you that---isn't a FUN thing to do, especially with the three of them all over the place literally.

I have still been able to eat well in the sense, since he wasn't around I decided I will cook just the healthy kind of stuff, and don't need to make any extra stuff that I do because he wouldn't eat what I am eating, or not "just that" . For e.g All of that while I made a yummy three beans Chaat (recipe coming soon) that I made and stocked for the entire while and ate just that. Then in the nights I was drinking a whole of different kind of yummy soups. I experimented with all sorts of vegetables.

I was eating Stir fry (with Spray oil to make it) Fruits, etc. For the big brother I used to make what he likes like all sorts of healthy grilled sandwiches.So I enjoyed it in that sense. Exercise wise I got these '10 minutes exercise solution' that I got from my local library and that little while I did just that.

However ever since he has been back, I am back to running, and tomorrow is a big day for me.

Oh and BTW I still don't know what I weigh so we will find that out in about 10 days from now!

There's going to be quiet a crowd tomorrow.


(photo courtesy -Pinterest)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Heartfelt Prayers to those affected in Boston!

With my Running Event just about less than 6 day from now, I am so sad that the bombing in Boston Marathon happened!

So sorry for the loss of all the families affected and the runners too.

I have no more words for today!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick Oats Breakfast-recipe

I thought I'd share this recipe of my yummy breakfast Well actually I shouldn't take the full credit for this, its my Aai's (mum's) recipe

I usually make a batch and keep so that way on most days I can just remove a quarter of a cup and eat it

Here are the ingredients

Quick Oats(any kind / any make)

The one I get are super light in calories too-they are 160 calories for 1/2 a cup and I usually can't eat 1/2 a cup and eat 1/4 of a cup making it even more light in calories and super filling

I put this plus some
 Curry leaves 
Chilli powder
cumin seeds
Coriander and Cumin Powder
 through the blender to make it nice and smooth

And store it and every morning just take a 1/4 cup in a box to work. Then when I am at work, I just put water to make a smooth paste and microwave it for 1:35 minutes for it to be ready to eat!

Voila! Healthy and super filling!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Accountability -Update

Since starting the challenge last week, I wanted to update the blog on how things were going at my end with regards to the challenges that I have taken up for myself . 

Here's how things are going :

  • Moving everyday and Exercise
Tuesday- 3.5 kms run
Wednesday - JM No more trouble Zone
Thursday -JM No More trouble Zone
Friday-JM No More trouble Zone
Saturday- 6 kms Run
Sunday-(today) intend to do JM No More trouble Zone

I can definitely feel the difference in my neck and cheeks, I think it is looking leaner.

  • Not weigh myself
I have managed to NOT weigh myself, although let me confess that it literally KILLS me to wake up every morning and weigh myself. Its as if something is missing from the daily morning routine. 

It also has made me more aware as to how much my mood, and the way I feel and look at myself is depending on the number on the scale. Although I kept saying that, the number on the scale DOES NOT define me,it definitely is hitting me HARD now since I am not weighing myself.

I've also noticed that since I started this 'not weighing myself' exercise, I have become more conscious of, what I put in my mouth and am LITERALLY tracking every bite I am taking.

At the end of this month, if I do not lose much weight, then I am definitely going to go and see my GP to have other tests done.

I have also promised myself a nice HAIRCUT if I do reach my goal weight loss, for the month.

Keeping my fingers X

Leaving you with some pics I took on my run yesterday, while I was waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn to walk

I LOVE cherry blossom trees, and this one is at the corner, I thought it was really beautiful!

Another one, something about these Cherry blossom trees that make me fall in love with the beauty of what God has created!

Mind you the tree was absolutely leaf / flowerless up until March end, it had just sticks on it. 

That's why Spring is so beautiful!

That's it for now!

More later

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Self Talk !!!

What's wrong with you Sheetal-??

No really??!!

First you die to sign up for the FIRST EVER 10 K in your life and now that you have signed up-and are training fairly (A) OK you're being a CHICKEN!! ??

Why can't you ever make up your mind and be happy with the decision that you make-??!!!

Like EVER!!!

When you decide THIS-------

you wish it was THAT--------

Get hold of yourself-really!

You are really doing you're BEST in the circumstances you have,, why can't you give yourself the credit of the amount of effort and the other stuff that you do too-other than Exercise-???

I mean really STOP freaking out !!

You can complete the 10 K Walking  / RUNNING / JOG and RUNNING ! OR Crawling for that matter it DOES NOT MATTER

Remember all that MATTERS is that you DID it!

Do not think of QUTTING NOW~~~~~

                                                            (Photo courtesy Pinterest)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

21 days to a habit


If you have been reading my past post you would know that I have been saying that I do not get any time to exercise and all that!

Well, since Friday till today (Tuesday) I have worked out 4 times which is pretty awesome I think, considering everything else that I did as well.
Anyhow my challenge to myself is to NOT weigh myself for the entire month of April-Yes you read that right –NOT once will I weigh myself. Lately I have realized all the focus is on the weight, and if I don’t see a loss I tend to get frustrated and jeopardize all my efforts of exercising for may be the next two days or so, until I feel fat and pudgy again and want to exercise!  That defeats the purpose of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle!

So in the month of April I pledge to M-E-D-I-A

I have also joined this online community on MFP where you can set a goal and try and loose that much amount of weight! My goal is to lose 5 pounds in the of April!
I know, that may not be much for some, or it may be too small a goal! But for me, I have been stuck at a weight since January and I am still there, hence my goal is small just 5 pounds. I realized yesterday when I was trying to re analyze my goals and how I have been doing, that I have a set number that I need to be at like Ultimate Goal weight is 140 lbs.-and I enter that and that seems like a faraway dream. (I know this may be so stupid and obvious for some) but I then realized that I need to set small goals .That is how I had achieved my goals of losing 35 lbs. in 2010/2011.

So that is it –it’s now set here in my blog-I can’t go back on this!!

This month I shall :

Lose 5 lbs.
Move everyday
Not weigh myself

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, I am going to exercise 21 days –everyday some way or the other-it doesn’t have to be running or JM workouts, it could be swimming, or kickboxing for the next 20 days (starting from yesterday)

I am also going to measure myself this time, instead of weighing and see the results at the end of April.

That’s it for now!

More later