Wednesday, April 3, 2013

21 days to a habit


If you have been reading my past post you would know that I have been saying that I do not get any time to exercise and all that!

Well, since Friday till today (Tuesday) I have worked out 4 times which is pretty awesome I think, considering everything else that I did as well.
Anyhow my challenge to myself is to NOT weigh myself for the entire month of April-Yes you read that right –NOT once will I weigh myself. Lately I have realized all the focus is on the weight, and if I don’t see a loss I tend to get frustrated and jeopardize all my efforts of exercising for may be the next two days or so, until I feel fat and pudgy again and want to exercise!  That defeats the purpose of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle!

So in the month of April I pledge to M-E-D-I-A

I have also joined this online community on MFP where you can set a goal and try and loose that much amount of weight! My goal is to lose 5 pounds in the of April!
I know, that may not be much for some, or it may be too small a goal! But for me, I have been stuck at a weight since January and I am still there, hence my goal is small just 5 pounds. I realized yesterday when I was trying to re analyze my goals and how I have been doing, that I have a set number that I need to be at like Ultimate Goal weight is 140 lbs.-and I enter that and that seems like a faraway dream. (I know this may be so stupid and obvious for some) but I then realized that I need to set small goals .That is how I had achieved my goals of losing 35 lbs. in 2010/2011.

So that is it –it’s now set here in my blog-I can’t go back on this!!

This month I shall :

Lose 5 lbs.
Move everyday
Not weigh myself

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, I am going to exercise 21 days –everyday some way or the other-it doesn’t have to be running or JM workouts, it could be swimming, or kickboxing for the next 20 days (starting from yesterday)

I am also going to measure myself this time, instead of weighing and see the results at the end of April.

That’s it for now!

More later