Sunday, April 7, 2013

Accountability -Update

Since starting the challenge last week, I wanted to update the blog on how things were going at my end with regards to the challenges that I have taken up for myself . 

Here's how things are going :

  • Moving everyday and Exercise
Tuesday- 3.5 kms run
Wednesday - JM No more trouble Zone
Thursday -JM No More trouble Zone
Friday-JM No More trouble Zone
Saturday- 6 kms Run
Sunday-(today) intend to do JM No More trouble Zone

I can definitely feel the difference in my neck and cheeks, I think it is looking leaner.

  • Not weigh myself
I have managed to NOT weigh myself, although let me confess that it literally KILLS me to wake up every morning and weigh myself. Its as if something is missing from the daily morning routine. 

It also has made me more aware as to how much my mood, and the way I feel and look at myself is depending on the number on the scale. Although I kept saying that, the number on the scale DOES NOT define me,it definitely is hitting me HARD now since I am not weighing myself.

I've also noticed that since I started this 'not weighing myself' exercise, I have become more conscious of, what I put in my mouth and am LITERALLY tracking every bite I am taking.

At the end of this month, if I do not lose much weight, then I am definitely going to go and see my GP to have other tests done.

I have also promised myself a nice HAIRCUT if I do reach my goal weight loss, for the month.

Keeping my fingers X

Leaving you with some pics I took on my run yesterday, while I was waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn to walk

I LOVE cherry blossom trees, and this one is at the corner, I thought it was really beautiful!

Another one, something about these Cherry blossom trees that make me fall in love with the beauty of what God has created!

Mind you the tree was absolutely leaf / flowerless up until March end, it had just sticks on it. 

That's why Spring is so beautiful!

That's it for now!

More later


  1. wow sheetak, you really killed it with the exercise this week.

    1. Thanks Prachi! Really wanna try and do all I can!Your comments help me stay motivated!Thanks for them

  2. Good going... beautiful pics..4

    1. Thanks Gowri, try hard for a change! I loved the tree really :)

  3. Sheetal!! wow! you are totally rocking the work outs. Yes I know about that thing with the scale. Even though it shows such a bad number still I want to get on it!

    You seem to have a plan in place. I'm sure you'll make it to the other end of the tunnel!

    1. I'm still struggling Sugar! Uggh-its a day to day struggle, no!