Saturday, April 20, 2013

Been Crazy past little while

What do I say for not posting--To begin with Mr Husband was away in San Deigo-(California) for a conference for a while and that meant, I had to manage stuff all by myself.

Let me tell you that---isn't a FUN thing to do, especially with the three of them all over the place literally.

I have still been able to eat well in the sense, since he wasn't around I decided I will cook just the healthy kind of stuff, and don't need to make any extra stuff that I do because he wouldn't eat what I am eating, or not "just that" . For e.g All of that while I made a yummy three beans Chaat (recipe coming soon) that I made and stocked for the entire while and ate just that. Then in the nights I was drinking a whole of different kind of yummy soups. I experimented with all sorts of vegetables.

I was eating Stir fry (with Spray oil to make it) Fruits, etc. For the big brother I used to make what he likes like all sorts of healthy grilled sandwiches.So I enjoyed it in that sense. Exercise wise I got these '10 minutes exercise solution' that I got from my local library and that little while I did just that.

However ever since he has been back, I am back to running, and tomorrow is a big day for me.

Oh and BTW I still don't know what I weigh so we will find that out in about 10 days from now!

There's going to be quiet a crowd tomorrow.


(photo courtesy -Pinterest)


  1. Hey waiting for your running results. Keep going.. and the scales going to love you too

  2. sometimes it's just fun to cook for one person isn't it? you can just throw together something for a quick and healthy meal.
    All the best for your run!

  3. loved the quote in the end!!!and good luck with the weight in.. eithre way be nice to yourself. You are working HARD!