Friday, April 26, 2013

Knee update

So ever since the run last Sunday, my knee has not quiet come back to its normal feel. It is still hurting every time I get up after sitting for long.

Monday,Tuesday were really horrible. Wednesday I finally used some heat pad and some Ibuprofen to subside it. I have also not exercised much!! Needless to say,I feel so sloppy and loose skinned again! But I am not going to do anything about it until the knee pain subside.

I've had a long Chiropractor treatment done,before I started being more active, back last year just after the twins were born. The doctor had said then that this was due to the knees going through a series on being very inactive (almost 6 out of 9 months I was asked to do only the basic activity-that too IF NEEDED only) but now is not like that-Anyhow's I'm too scared to go to my doctor again, cause I don't want him to say-you can't run-I'm not ready to hear that-So I am self medicating and rest it and using heating pad,and Ibuprofen.

Hopefully, that should work.

More later!


  1. Hi Sheetal!

    Even I had the same problem and gave a break! its better to run with a day break (after u recover)! I even used knee pads..which helped me to an extent..hope u get well soon!!

    1. Thank you! I hope your pregnancy is going well! Sending positive energy your way!

  2. hey Sheetal!!! first may I ask if u cud pls turn off word verification while commenting?? It makes commenting easier esp while at work!!

    Now for the pains u are going thru - I will suggest you be very careful. While running really does wonders to your body it is an undeniably high impact exercise and could really hurt you. I am myself also coping with some severe injury. I am going to stay off running until all my pains heal fully and then only run on trail surfacs rather than on hard road, asphalt, pavements etc...

    do take care!

    1. Hi Sugar,

      I did take it easy, and thankfully, it seems to have been better now, will slowly resume my activities now.

      Hope your pains are easing out too.