Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Race day recap!

So as some of you know I participated in the largest running Event in Canada this Sunday-The Vancouver Sun Run.

Here's my race day recap-

I woke up at 6 am ,and realized that it was raining-UGGH-The weather forecast had lied to me! It said it was going to be sunny, with variable cloudiness!

We had decided that the husband will NOT come along to the running venue, because the entire of Downtown was closed for vehicles , and being stranded on a roadside with no car to go to, is not a fun thing with the kids especially when it's raining!

Anyhow, so they (husband and the kids) dropped me off at the sky train station -This is the photo of then

So I reached the venue at about 9:15 am (when the event was supposed to start at 9 am lol)
and boy was I glad I reached late! 

They were having people start the event in colors-as you can see my color zone was purple-We were second to last, and by the time we started it was 10:21 (phew!)

I was freezing cold until then. Apart from being hungry as I had, had breakfast at about 7:40 ish.

Anyhow! I started with a 5 minute brisk walk-like I always do before starting to run. Then I started to run.

The Goal that I had in mind really was to be able to complete the entire 10K without taking a single break (even for pee lol).

At about 4 K I was starting to feel the rhythm of the run, and the crowd around was so much fun! There were about 48,000 people who were running, so you can imagine the amount of people that had come along to cheer! The whole atmosphere was so energetic!

At about 5 K my left knee started to hurt a little bit, and the right toe had cramps in them, so I started to slow down a bit and kept wiggling my toe.

At about 7 K and some-the toe cramps started to bother me a whole lot-Oh AND I did not want to drink a whole lot of water -Cause the stubborn person that I am-I did not want to stop to pee-SO I kept jogging, at about 7.5K I had to stop running because at that point my toe was completely numb-I thought it was may be the chill in the weather! 

(Oh and as a side note-there were paramedics on bicycle around-SO I did not want to stop more-Cause I imagined how I would look double seat on that bicycle with a paramedic taking me to rescue-lol)

Anyhow from 7.5 K till about 9 K mark I walked, and then since I reached the 9 K mark I started to run again,even with a cramping toe until the finish line-wohooo!

The foto after completing-You can see the pride on my face-

Would I want to run this event again-ummm I'm not sure-! Just cause I felt so lonely in a crowd of 48,000 plus people. Thanks to the logistics of how the twins are little, and we can't get the car to Downtown etc! So may be when the twins grow up a little bit!

Would I want to continue racing-Heck! ya!

My knee is still hurting and so yesterday and today I haven't exercised-we'll see how I feel by the evening and decide if I want to exercise today!

So that's it from me-How was your weekend ?


  1. congrats Sheetal on your 10K... Nice pics too

  2. woohoo!!! you look great!! and you have accomplished a great feat!!!

    I hope you are doing your stretches, cause you WILL injure yourself if you fail to.

    I can imagine how much fun the running event with 48000 ppl must be. The energy must be electric!! Glad you had a good time and here wishing you many more happy happy races!!

    1. Yes Sugar! It was a great experience to run with so many people!

  3. wow! congrats girl! that is a big acheivement.

    1. Thanks Prachi! I surely feel great! :)