Saturday, April 6, 2013

Self Talk !!!

What's wrong with you Sheetal-??

No really??!!

First you die to sign up for the FIRST EVER 10 K in your life and now that you have signed up-and are training fairly (A) OK you're being a CHICKEN!! ??

Why can't you ever make up your mind and be happy with the decision that you make-??!!!

Like EVER!!!

When you decide THIS-------

you wish it was THAT--------

Get hold of yourself-really!

You are really doing you're BEST in the circumstances you have,, why can't you give yourself the credit of the amount of effort and the other stuff that you do too-other than Exercise-???

I mean really STOP freaking out !!

You can complete the 10 K Walking  / RUNNING / JOG and RUNNING ! OR Crawling for that matter it DOES NOT MATTER

Remember all that MATTERS is that you DID it!

Do not think of QUTTING NOW~~~~~

                                                            (Photo courtesy Pinterest)

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