Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fell of the Wagon---BUT I am trying to catch UP!

First it was my knee injury and now that it is getting better,I have just been thinking of exercising. But thinking of exercise does not make me loose weight!

Unfortunately! So I have to find a fix soon, as of now the new excuse that I have is that I have really not been able to fit exercise in my schedule,(as usual).

I haven't weighed myself, in what feels like a lifetime now, and frankly now I'm so scared,its like I'm at peace with myself, and then suddenly when I find out how much I weigh (whenever that happens) I will start judging myself,and beating myself up for being such a slack-So I have decided to workout atleast for a week continuously and then weigh myself-To be on the safe side-lol

There are a few things changing work schedule wise starting next week and I am determined to start to exercise from Monday  Saturday---Hopefully work schedule is changing (for the better) and I am going to find time in the morning (at 5 am ) to be able to exercise.So I am determined to make this work.I can't be the last soul on earth who has twins, and a full time job, with no help from immediate family (except the blessing called a wonderful husband). So I will cook for the week over the coming weekend, that way it frees up my evenings to spend time with the kids.

Note to Self-

Source: via Cindy on Pinterest


  1. Sheetal!!! its always good to give the body and mind a break sometimes. I hope your new work timings suit you well and give you the neeed time for exercise..
    And I totallu understand on the part about beating yourself up.. I know but I guess the first step is to be kind to yourself!!!
    Good luck for anall new start!

    1. Thanks for the positive energy Sugar! I'm gonna make this work!

  2. oh dont beat yourself over the scale, they are so not worth it. And you have surely come a far way so I know you totally will rock the new schedule. Best of luck love

  3. Sheetal, Hats off to your determination to keep going. With your situation I would have given up long back.