Thursday, May 23, 2013

I will succeed sooner rather than later

So as mentioned in my earlier post I did start exercising again! Wohoo for that! I was supposed to start on Saturday but that didn't work out too good, BUT I did manage to start on Sunday .

I went out for a 3.5 kms run on Sunday, although the endorphins made me feel great!! My knee hurt again, and this time is was after I completed the run :( BOO! I have started getting quiet worried about this now. I am going to first and fore-mostly change my shoes,I have been running in a couple of my favorite shoes for over 3 years.

I refuse to give up running you guys!

I really do love it and I have worked my way up to building a Stamina and really love it. Especially now when the Sun has started to shows its (ANNUAL) face to us here -I aint giving up run nah uh! Not in the Spring/Summer season,I mean this is the season that all runners wait for to go outdoors and run here in VanCity!

Anyhow, since my knee was hurting I rested it on Monday, and Tuesday onwards I thought it would be wiser that I do my home video, so I did No More trouble Zone on Tuesday and Wednesday and today I did the Banish Fat boost Metabolism! So, so far so good.

I don't know ,why this time its so hard for me to loose weight! (Weight loss has so much to do with what you put into your mouth) I have done this before several times.I have dieted like crazy back in the days when I was an Aerobics Instructor and used to really care that I look Hot and Sexy!I don't know why the same ME finds it so hard to stick to any kind of 'diet' now ? Its like now the rebel in me does not want to, so much as talk about any kind of diet!
 I remember the time when even in days like Diwali when there used to be tonnes of sweets and delicacies in the house and all around -I would not so much as think of any of the food ,and would always say 'No' to any and all the offerings made by my Poor Aai (Mum) and everyone else.

The only (BIG) difference between then and now is that then I would not have to cook all the food and then not eat it! Cause that is torture as per me! Now I cook food for the family especially the husband loves food -simple but variety of cuisine,and snacks. So I end up make Pasta,Macaroni,Pizza,curry,south Indian food most of the time. Although we have been quiet deligent of eating out only once/max twice a month and I usually order a Salad cause I love the salads especially the Taco Salads.

 I still do end up cooking all these items at home. I am also cooking with Cooking Oil Spray so that cuts the fat to more than half .

 Still Portion control is where I am lacking currently.

Snacking is also a major weakness. I need to get my mind out of the 'All or nothing' attitude when it comes to food and diets, its like I either want to Diet or I want to HOG like its my last supper!

But I also have to remind myself everyday that I am doing great! I am doing the very BEST in the circumstances and situation that I am currently in, I mean back then I had no worry in the world, Aai would cook,do the dishes,do the laundry,make our lunches,-I on the other hand would take an Aerobics batch in the morning,then go do my full time job and then go back to take another Aerobics Batch in the evening, and then go home to a hot plate of meal  on the table!

Now, is different,so although I beat myself up for letting go and having putting on so much weight, I also see that I am still trying and (hopefully) I will succeed sooner rather than later !


  1. seems like you are now addicted to running. I good thing to be addicted too :).
    Wow that salad looks yum!

    1. Thanks Prachi, watch out for the modified version of the saladd I made at home!

  2. such a good post!! Yes you are doing the best you can in your given circumstances and between three kids & the husband, a house to maintain, a job and weighloss efforts you are tackling many challenges at one time.

    See, you need not go on a "diet" per se - just eat larger portions of the protein/ vegetables and avery small portion of the rotis/ rice you make for the family.

    For me cutting out the carbs - I mean even whole grain stuff really work very very well... just try it for a few days. Once your body goes into weight loss mode it willcontinue to reach the fat and burn it off!

    Sorry for being advise queen! But I had to share my 2 cents!

    1. Thanks Sugar! I appreciate every word of advise that comes from you! I will definately try cutting the grains and see if that works!

  3. You will succeed, self realization is half the battle won. Best of luck my dear.
    Wow and I am pleasently suprised to know that you were a aerobics instructor. Why dont you get back to teaching aerobics on the web like you tube

    1. Yummy Mummy-me NOW and a You tube Aerobics channel=Who will follow-lol with the likes of Jillian Michael s and Chalean I am no one-but a great idea nonethless!