Friday, June 28, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

Guess what I saw this morning 

(Aside from the fact that I desperately need a Manicure) Do you see my face -even though its not in the foto anywhere? :)))

I was so surprised, that I weighed myself in three different places just to be sure that, what I was seeing was not some kind of a 'Weighing scale' malfunction kinda joke! lol!

Remember how I have been struggling  and the weight was just not budging,anyhow looks like it may be slowly give way and letting me go down.


Apart from that today's workout was Elliptical trainer and Stair master in the gym.

Although by the time I got to the Stair master I was feeling really light headed as I had an early dinner and no breakfast before working out plus it was a little late in the morning(8 am) so I couldn't do much on the Stair master, but oh well!


That's me-sweaty, stinky and outa breath!

Workout Summary

Calories burned 258

Plus I did some Cycling too, which I did not take any pictures of.

All in all, I am hoping that I am getting back in the groove of this!

Now the goal is to get myself to the gym over this long weekend.

More later

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can't think of a Title!

So we had taken a day off yesterday and had some time on our hand(just the two of us) that has not happened in the past 8-9 months since Aai has left, Anyhow I could have slept in and gotten up right at about 7 am to get the kids ready to drop them off to daycare/ school before we took off for our day off. A part of the reason to take the day off was the twins had their 18 months vaccination. Instead I woke up at 5:30 and went to the gym and worked out till 6:50 am and then came home.

Yesterday I did the C25K (couch to 5 K) day 2-It sucks to start over all over again with running, but I don't mind really, cus I think at this point what really matters to me is my knee and the strength with it,so I am not ready to take any chances with my knee.

It would have been nice to be running a few races here and there, especially now that the days are sometimes surprisingly dryer BUT not at the cost of my knee-it took me a couple of months to re prioritize what I really want and I want to loose weight-here-YES I love to run but if that is causing me pain I am willing to change my focus.

Then I did some lower body machines.

After dropping the kids we went to the Mall for checking out Target (retail store)which has opened newly in Canada, after which like an unwritten law we HAD to eat in the mall,even though there was food at home. I was very proud to choose my all time favorite

Any guess who's plate is which?

Total calories-310

No brainer, ya! The Thai Rice was the husband's

and the Taco Salad was-yours truly!

That's it for now

More later

Friday, June 21, 2013

I've been in HIDING!

Yes I have! I have been in hiding! It's so funny how when I am doing so little 'weight-loss' and 'exercise' wise that I often time go into HIDING! haha I just want to laugh at myself her!

Really, I can't say that I am, doing nothing-Well I am doing may be 50%. I have finally joined a gym-hallelujah! After much thought process and research I joined the gym.

The gym I joined had a 10 free trial pass which I registered for and tried it for 10 days, the deciding factor for this gym was

  1. The proximity of this gym to where I live
  2. The timing-this gym is open from 4.45 am to 12 midnight (weekdays) and 8 am -9 pm weekends so I really have no excuse not to go ! 
That's it for now-hasty post but need to start this again.

More later

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm a 50/50 QUEEN

I have been on the Slim Fast Meal Replacement shake this week. You can read about it here and 3 out 5 days I did take it and the rest couple of days I missed it. In the sense I did not drink it, but neither did I have dinner.

So far this is my update

  1. The Strawberry flavor that I got is very really as in, it does feel like you are drinking a real strawberry milk shake.
  2. Yesterday I actually intended to follow the diet just the way it was intended to-so morning I had the Chewy Chocolate bar-which I hated-honestly how can something which has chocolate taste so chemically and just blah! Anyhow I just gulped it.
  3. I had lunch as usually,however by lunch time I was super duper hungry-Oh and another thing is I forgot to carry snacks to work yesterday so that was a major major problem, cause by lunchtime I was so so so famished.
  4. Lunch was 1 Roti and Palak Paneer.\
  5. However by the time I got home by 5 pm I was so hungry and had whatever garbage there was.
One thing I have realized is that I cannot think and dream of dieting and loosing weight if the husband is busy buying and getting all kinds of junk food home.

I know I should be the one to blame,I should think of my own self, and learn to say NO to junk like chips/ cake/coke/Pepsi and all the other stuff that he gets home. BUT the reality is I can't and I am always unsuccessful in saying 'NO'

It's not that I haven't had 'The Talk' about this to the husband, but he hasn't changed his lifestyle in the past 12 years so I don't think there is much of a point that he will anymore. What I am so much wanting and learning and hoping to do is try and eat it in moderation (apart from anything sweet )

I have done this in the past (2010-2011) I can do it even now. I ain't giving up!I ain't going to be called the 'Queen of 50/50' by picking up a good habit and then leaving it without completing

What are your tips when you have temptations around? How do you deal with them?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My new TOY ;)

I have been meaning to write a review/ update on my new toy which I bought a couple of weeks ago, however due to my knee concern taking over all my excitement, I was too pre occupied to even think or get excited about anything.

Here it is-I was thinking about buying a Calorie burning counter or some sort of device to use which would count how many calories I burnt, I did have a Heart rate monitor however I would feel it was so not accurate. So I kept researching on my options out in the market.

I had three options I was toying-

  1. Body bug - For those who don't know what it is -If any of you watch 'The Biggest Loser' show on ABC then the contestants where a band around there arms-That is the Body bug -It is a device which you wear on any part of your body which has a pulse and which will count the calories you burn, based on your heart rate.
  2. Fitbit Flex-Which is bracelet type of band which you wear around your wrist and then at the end of the day it will calculate the amount of calories you burnt,
  3. Fitbit one-This is the one which has a clip and you clip it on your pocket/ bra and it will calculate the calories you burn.
I picked Fitibit one, because I am an 'instant gratification' kind gal! Fitbit was the only device which would tell me at any given time how many calories I burnt

Like this

Today from 12 am in the night till now, I have burnt a total of 1786 calories-(Not too much I know)

Here's another picture with the clip

It had 2 colors, black and maroon, and obviosuly I chose this one.

I wear it all through out the day and take it out only at night.

Do you know what't the coolest part about it, it will tell you how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed, all that is online, once you set up the account by downloading its driver, it will sync everyday wirelessly-isn't that cool!

Once you register it will sync and give you all the details on your dashboard, about how many minutes you were very active, how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed like min this.

One more thing it does, which is why I bought this-it sync's my calories burnt with My Fitness Pal (where I log my food journal) so when I sync the Fitbit, it will sync and adjust my calorie deficit and calorie intake goal for the day in My Fitness pal too-automatically-I think that is one of the coolest thing in this device

Here's a peek at mine for today.

Now I only need to start exercising slowly again,that is the goal for next week!

Do you use any calorie counting device/ pedometer?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

'No news is good news' and a Weekly Goal!

It's weird but I'm glad, there isn't anything 'visibly wrong' with my knee! Yuppie for that! However I am going to take it slow with that . One thing I HATE about the medical system here is that when you go to the Doctor and then they ask you to do some tests, (back in Dubai-you will be told later if the tests were okay, and what you need to do etc)

However here, they would call and get you in the doctors office ONLY and ONLY if there is anything wrong. So no news is good news! So when a doctor's office calls after you have done a test-it usually means that there is something wrong with the tests. Anyhow, as good as the system is (for the doctors) it isn't always good for the patient, so obviously this means I did not get a call from the doctor's office so I called in to check if they received my results and what the doctor thinks. Apparently the receptionist said there was a note that there isn't anything 'visibly wrong' and asked me to follow what the doctor said in my earlier visit! I hate this-I hate to go visit a doctor -meaning wait in the line up just to see the doctor and then come back with a dissatisfied feeling. Such is the plight here, unlike back in Dubai or even India, here there are less doctors to patient ratio so there are very high wait time. Anyhow.

So after much research and calculations and thinking and really pondering on my lifestyle,I have come to a conclusion that I am going to be doing a 'Slimfast shake ' diet.

For those who don't know it is a meal replacement shake which you take instead of a meal. The diet is supposed to be 3-2-1-meaning
 3 snacks of 100 calories
2 Slimfast meal replacement shakes or bars(they even have bars you can eat instead of shakes)
1 -500 calorie healthy dinner.

Well after thinking hard of what I really want, I came to the conclusion that I will only replace 1 meal (dinner) for me with the Slimfast shake.

I chose Dinner as for me, whenever I have eaten lighter dinners it has worked for me to loose some weight! So I will eat my yummy oatmeal for breakfast a sensible well balanced lunch and 3 snacks and Slimfast shake in the night! This is my goal for the next week.

Today I weighed 190.6 lbs. I am going to also start updating my weigh-in page and see how it goes for the next week.

Exercise wise, I am planning to wait it for a week more and then get started may be with Yoga and upper body-.

That's it for now-over to you-What's your goal?