Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm a 50/50 QUEEN

I have been on the Slim Fast Meal Replacement shake this week. You can read about it here and 3 out 5 days I did take it and the rest couple of days I missed it. In the sense I did not drink it, but neither did I have dinner.

So far this is my update

  1. The Strawberry flavor that I got is very really as in, it does feel like you are drinking a real strawberry milk shake.
  2. Yesterday I actually intended to follow the diet just the way it was intended to-so morning I had the Chewy Chocolate bar-which I hated-honestly how can something which has chocolate taste so chemically and just blah! Anyhow I just gulped it.
  3. I had lunch as usually,however by lunch time I was super duper hungry-Oh and another thing is I forgot to carry snacks to work yesterday so that was a major major problem, cause by lunchtime I was so so so famished.
  4. Lunch was 1 Roti and Palak Paneer.\
  5. However by the time I got home by 5 pm I was so hungry and had whatever garbage there was.
One thing I have realized is that I cannot think and dream of dieting and loosing weight if the husband is busy buying and getting all kinds of junk food home.

I know I should be the one to blame,I should think of my own self, and learn to say NO to junk like chips/ cake/coke/Pepsi and all the other stuff that he gets home. BUT the reality is I can't and I am always unsuccessful in saying 'NO'

It's not that I haven't had 'The Talk' about this to the husband, but he hasn't changed his lifestyle in the past 12 years so I don't think there is much of a point that he will anymore. What I am so much wanting and learning and hoping to do is try and eat it in moderation (apart from anything sweet )

I have done this in the past (2010-2011) I can do it even now. I ain't giving up!I ain't going to be called the 'Queen of 50/50' by picking up a good habit and then leaving it without completing

What are your tips when you have temptations around? How do you deal with them?


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  2. We are all the same boat when its come to temptations, the no in the head is pretty low. What i have been trying to do this past week is divert my attention indoing something completely different when my cravings start, like combing my hair , doing the dishes or or play with my daughter even painting my nails or trying on the clothes that I want to fit in. So far its working fine, till I get the courage to say a big fat no

  3. My way would be to tell my husband that I eat healthy and ask that it not be brought home. Usually if he wants something that only he will eat, I suggest he eat in the store itself like samosas, bakery puffs etc and not bring them home. If brought home, I ask him to keep in a place which I cant reach (i.e hide it) or I keep it in an inconvenient space like a cupboard which has a lock and key so that I will have to take an effort to reach for that stuff i.e. it is not right in front of my eyes with my snacks.

    Also I always have healthy snack options for a craving - eg I get roasted channa and khakras if I have a salty/ chatpata craving or mildly sweetened hot chocolate for a chocolate craving/ small portions of fruits or even dry fruits like dates, dried cranberry etc for a sweet craving! That way I do snack but without much harm!