Friday, June 21, 2013

I've been in HIDING!

Yes I have! I have been in hiding! It's so funny how when I am doing so little 'weight-loss' and 'exercise' wise that I often time go into HIDING! haha I just want to laugh at myself her!

Really, I can't say that I am, doing nothing-Well I am doing may be 50%. I have finally joined a gym-hallelujah! After much thought process and research I joined the gym.

The gym I joined had a 10 free trial pass which I registered for and tried it for 10 days, the deciding factor for this gym was

  1. The proximity of this gym to where I live
  2. The timing-this gym is open from 4.45 am to 12 midnight (weekdays) and 8 am -9 pm weekends so I really have no excuse not to go ! 
That's it for now-hasty post but need to start this again.

More later

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  1. kuddos girl on being back.... this season is totally gonna be fat burning season for all of us