Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My new TOY ;)

I have been meaning to write a review/ update on my new toy which I bought a couple of weeks ago, however due to my knee concern taking over all my excitement, I was too pre occupied to even think or get excited about anything.

Here it is-I was thinking about buying a Calorie burning counter or some sort of device to use which would count how many calories I burnt, I did have a Heart rate monitor however I would feel it was so not accurate. So I kept researching on my options out in the market.

I had three options I was toying-

  1. Body bug - For those who don't know what it is -If any of you watch 'The Biggest Loser' show on ABC then the contestants where a band around there arms-That is the Body bug -It is a device which you wear on any part of your body which has a pulse and which will count the calories you burn, based on your heart rate.
  2. Fitbit Flex-Which is bracelet type of band which you wear around your wrist and then at the end of the day it will calculate the amount of calories you burnt,
  3. Fitbit one-This is the one which has a clip and you clip it on your pocket/ bra and it will calculate the calories you burn.
I picked Fitibit one, because I am an 'instant gratification' kind gal! Fitbit was the only device which would tell me at any given time how many calories I burnt

Like this

Today from 12 am in the night till now, I have burnt a total of 1786 calories-(Not too much I know)

Here's another picture with the clip

It had 2 colors, black and maroon, and obviosuly I chose this one.

I wear it all through out the day and take it out only at night.

Do you know what't the coolest part about it, it will tell you how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed, all that is online, once you set up the account by downloading its driver, it will sync everyday wirelessly-isn't that cool!

Once you register it will sync and give you all the details on your dashboard, about how many minutes you were very active, how many steps you took, how many stairs you climbed like min this.

One more thing it does, which is why I bought this-it sync's my calories burnt with My Fitness Pal (where I log my food journal) so when I sync the Fitbit, it will sync and adjust my calorie deficit and calorie intake goal for the day in My Fitness pal too-automatically-I think that is one of the coolest thing in this device

Here's a peek at mine for today.

Now I only need to start exercising slowly again,that is the goal for next week!

Do you use any calorie counting device/ pedometer?


  1. An HRM has been on my wish list for so long but I havent been able to find one in Bangalore

    1. Check online, there are quiet a few cool ones online! :)

  2. Cool! I have been looking for such a device since a long time. Can you please share where did you get it from n how much it costs?

    1. Hi Divya,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Here in Canada I bought it from the Apple store,for $99 but you can also get it online through the Fitbit website or through for sure.Happy Shopping, please do let me know what you buy, and how you like it!

    2. Hello from the Sunny Southern California. Thanks for sharing. I ordered it on Amazon for $86. Can't wait to start using it. It's coming in at the right time as I'm leaving to India n I need all the help I can get to keep myself in line, else the scale will very happily add at least 5 lbs :)

    3. Ah Retail Therapy is so much more cheaper in the U.S than in Canada :( boo! Anyhow. Keep in touch! and do let me know how you like your 'New toy' when it arrives ;)

  3. Oh! Forgot, I'm on MFP too… if you want please look up for me ' Divya Prasad'. I know we all can use a lil encouragement n cheering on our way getting fit :)