Monday, July 8, 2013

HELP!!---My Food is controlling ME!!!

UGGGH!!! As the title is clear, I have made the worst food choices over the weekend.

 I have been horrendous with my choice!

Like sadly pathetic!

When will I EVER get it in my thick SKULL that eating like there's no tomorrow is just giving up on my end goal and giving in to the what I want 'NOW'

It all makes sense to me in my head,but its harDER for me on the weekends than on the weekdays.

It's like I want to reward my self for the job well done over the week, on the weekends!


Note to self

Starting over is not hard,

Today is a new day, a new way. I have tracked every bite I have taken so far.

Making healthy choices going forward!


  1. I have a very hard time on the weekends. The only thing that has saved me lately is knowing that I have to log my calories on My Fitness Pal and that I made my food diary PUBLIC for anyone to see!

  2. Sheetal, even though the quote is very meaningful, it is so hard to break free of that mentality!

    Even now when I hear good news, I want to go out, get myself a chocolate cake/ pastry and fantasise about how tasty it will be!

  3. Hey Just wanted to drop by to say a hi. Have started on this journey of losing weight(a lot). These blogs keep inspiring me to strive on. Will be coming back for tips. Cheers.

    And did I add congratulations?