Friday, July 5, 2013

~~~My body is PERFECT~~~

Just the other day I was having a conversation with my ma about how I just don't seem to be loosing any real inches in the mid portion,regardless of how many crunches or sit ups I do.

And her reply was "But you've have two pregnancies! "

My reply was "I know so many others who have had as well" but their tummy is flatter than mine.

I have been really insecure about how I still look a 2-3 months pregnant even though I am not!(Thank God)

So I asked my sister-who by the way just had a baby 6 months ago, if her tummy has gone back, and she said it considerably has.

Made me think what I was doing wrong that my tummy isn't getting in flatter.

Today, for some reason I had a EUREKA moment-

No matter how much I complain about how my tummy looks rounder than it should, and how my hips have not gone in yet, I still know this for a fact that this same stomach has nurtured 3 beautiful (two at the same time) children.

Don't you agree?

For that --I need to give myself the credit,

no matter how much I whine about the weight I have gained in the twins pregnancy, a part of me is still proud of the fact, that when the doctor asked me to gain a certain amount of weight, I didn't once think about myself, and all that my goal was at that time was to have two healthy babies come into this world!

Even though I'd die for a tummy like Christina Vergara,

I will still give it up in an instant anytime for these three monkeys in my life!

For, it nurtured my kids, every stretch mark on my tummy tells a story, a story of how my beautiful body made room for three beautiful human beings.

How they made my body their home for 9 full months before coming to this world.

How a mother did not think of her body but was selfless enough for the babies growing inside her.

I need to keep reminding myself of this every time I have a 'poor body-image' moment

My body is PERFECT!!

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  1. At times we are so harsh on ourselves Sheetal, once in a while we need to look back and count on our blessings. Do keep the fitness going. Why no updates on the other blog ? Kids are looking cute and naughty.